Rice starches add mouthfeel, creamy texture in dairy products

Beneo’s rice starches Remyline AX-DR, Remyline DR and Remyline XS are characterized by neutral taste and small starch granules that mimic the feeling of fat globules in the mouth without altering the original taste of the product.  Natural in origin and non-GMO, they are an ideal replacement for fat in a variety of dairy products.  The starches can deliver creaminess to Greek-style yogurts and also impart a glossy appearance.  Customized textures can be obtained depending on the rice starch type used.   

973-867-2140; www.beneo.com

High acyl gellan gum for use in dairy beverages

CP Kelco’s Kelcogel HM-B is a high acyl gellan gum for use in stabilizing UHT and HTST neutral pH dairy beverages.  This is a unique stabilizer specific to fluid dairy products that provides suspension of insoluble ingredients such as cocoa and minerals while contributing little in the way of viscosity.  This network stabilizes ingredients regardless of the protein content in the formulation. Therefore, it functions at low dairy solids. The beverage maintains a weak gel character in the liquid so that when the beverage is undisturbed the viscosity is high and provides excellent suspension properties.

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IcePro stabilizers for soft serve  

Frozen dessert manufacturers can reduce butterfat costs without compromising finished product quality, according to DuPont. The company’s Grindsted IcePro SoftServe is proven to offer creaminess and develop texture while minimizing unwanted structural changes due to long holding times. The stabilizer also promotes the dry/stiff extrusion out of the freezer that’s so critical when making cones and sundaes.  Adding IcePro to soft serve enhances the perception of fat, even when butterfat is reduced up to 2%, according to the company.

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Collagen proteins in dairy

Gelita Gelatine can optimize and stabilize natural textures in dairy foods and beverages. The solution can be used with yogurt, spreadable cheese and ice cream. Because of its ability to bind water, the gelatine enables low-fat dairy formulations. Gelita’s Peptiplus collagen peptides (non-gelling gelatines) offer protein fortification in complex dairy applications.

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Solid fat replacer

Processors can replace up to 50% of solid fat in certain applications such as spreads and dairy-based desserts using PenNovo FR, a non-GMO, potato-based modified starch system from Penford Food Ingredients. The system has a bland taste, helps to maintain cell structure, provides a creamy texture, helps to maintain volume and is a fat mimetic. The modified food starch can be used for caloric and fat reduction, and is cholesterol-free. It’s also gluten-free, non-allergenic, halal and kosher.

800-652-4732; www.penford.com

Functional clean-label starches

Tate & Lyle’s Claria functional clean-label starches are similar to modified starches in terms of process tolerance and appear simply as “starch” or “corn starch” on labels in the United States. The white color profile is ideal for use in white yogurts or dairy desserts where color is critical.

847-396-7522; www.clariastarch.com

Non-GMO, organic beverage stabilizers

TIC Gums expanded its portfolio of stabilizers to meet specific label claims. Utilizing the Texture Revolution Lexicon, the company formulated non-GMO and organic options to improve the texture of fortified instant beverages that require substantial mouth coating and a reduction in the awareness of particulates. These new products include Ticaloid Ultrasmooth NGMO and organic Ticaloid OG 1155.

800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

Clean-label starches

Ingredion’s Novation Endura 0100 starch allows processors to launch more products with a clean and simple label. The company launched the Endura series advancing the ability of Novation functional native starches to withstand harsh processing conditions, such as UHT, HTST, homogenization, high-heat, high-shear and long cooking time. 

 866-961-6285; www.ingredion.com/us