The results are in! Manila Sky tropical ice cream, Seattle-based Darigold’s natural white Cheddar, and Tillamook County Creamery’s Tillamookies ice cream sandwiches were the top three vote-getters in Dairy Foods' 2015 Best New Dairy Products poll.

These top vote-getters were among the 25 dairy foods and beverages nominated by the editorial staff of Dairy Foods. See the entire Top 10 Best New Dairy Products (in order of number of votes received) here.

Receiving the most votes was Manila Sky, a brand of and distributed by AC Creamery Inc., Anaheim, Calif. Manila Sky is an Asian-inspired ice cream line with flavors like avocado, purple yam and tropical jackfruit. The company, which started its business in 2014, describes its line as “gourmet fusion.” The company’s ice cream is produced by a co-packer in Los Angeles. Read more about this ice cream here.

A total of 16,361 votes were recorded during the voting period (Dec. 1, 2015 to Jan. 5, 2016).

See the entire Top 10 Best New Dairy Products here.

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