Whey protein for sports drinkable yogurt

Arla Foods Ingredients developed a whey protein for creating “sports yogurts”— yogurt-based sports nutrition products that will appeal to active consumers who prefer not to use traditional gels and shakes. The Nutrilac solution is used to produce drinkable yogurts with a pleasant taste and texture just like a standard drinkable yogurt, but with a whey protein content as high as 28 grams per serving. Using the new ingredient, the drinkable yogurts can be formulated in a variety of flavors and packaged in bottles or pouches. The yogurt solution is formulated to offer a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 1:1, the ideal balance to optimize and accelerate the recovery process, according to the company.

908-604-8551; www.arlafoodsingredients.com

Natural blue color for beverages

ADM/Wild Flavors and Specialty Ingredients’ blue color is naturally derived from fruit. The radiant blue can be used to create a wide range of beverages and foods. It also provides the foundation for other colors not previously available naturally, including green and purple. The acid-stable blue remains blue from pH 2.5 to 8.0, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications, including beverages and dairy. It is water-soluble, and heat-, light- and acid-stable. The color is also GMO-free, kosher and available in liquid form. Developed from fruit, it may be labeled “With fruit juice (color)” for finished products. 

800-637-5843; www.adm.com

Non-alcoholic flavors

David Michael and Co. created a top-shelf selection of “adults only” flavors. The nonalcoholic “spirited” flavors, such as amaretto, mojito, Pina colada, and gin and tonic taste a lot like their authentic counterparts, according to the company. These flavors can be used to make dessert coffees, beverage bases, tea mixes, ice creams, frozen desserts and more. 

800-363-5286; www.dmflavors.com

Liquid color emulsion

DDW’s new EmulsiTech Beta-Carotene Liquid Color Emulsion is designed for use in a range of applications, including milk-based drinks such as smoothies and flavored milk drinks for children. This color emulsion is easily incorporated into milk applications to create hues for flavors such as banana, pineapple and lemon. Its improved water solubility and excellent heat and light stability provide product developers with a naturally vivid color.

502-895-2438; www.ddwcolor.com

Chicory root fiber inulin

Beneo Inc.’s non-GMO and naturally derived chicory root fiber inulin, with its long chain molecular structure and low-solubility, can form fat-like particles in water-containing systems under high shear. The inulin can replace fat by up to 100% in dairy drinks and can also be applied into any other dairy solution (like yogurt and spreads). It’s a valuable source of fiber, and at maximum 2kcal/g, helps to significantly reduce the calorie count in fat-reduced products, according to the company. The inulin is derived from chicory root via a gentle hot water extraction; this natural process allows companies to make clean label claims.

973-867-2140; www.beneo.com

Olive polyphenol formulation

DSM’s elaVida is an olive polyphenol formulation with excellent handling characteristics and application performance in a variety of beverage products such as dairy-based beverages and juices. Olive polyphenols are a nonvitamin/nonmineral ingredient with a granted EU health claim for antioxidant function, which is supported by a considerable body of scientific evidence, according to the company. The formulation is standardized for its hydroxytyrosol content and is made from olive fruits through a proprietary process. It is available as a water-soluble and flowable powder form (15% hydroxytyrosol) and liquid form (40% hydroxytyrosol). The formulation is also supported by its own safety package and is affirmed by DSM to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

800-526-0189; www.dsm.com/human-nutrition

Cold brew iced coffee

To meet the recent demand for iced coffee beverages made with cold brew, Finlay Extracts & Ingredients USA offers coffee extracts that contain cold brew for use in a dairy base and more. Cold brew extraction delivers a smooth coffee flavor in finished beverage applications with aroma notes that are well blended, providing a balanced ice coffee beverage. The sweet and creamy iced coffee is made with a premium blend of roasted coffee that is slow brewed with cool water and mixed with complementing ingredients. 

800-288-6272; www.finlays.net

Watermelon juice, concentrate and puree

Del Carmen Foods Inc. produces a full line of conventional and organic fruit and vegetable ingredients, including watermelon juice. According to the company, watermelon is seeing an uptick in beverage use. The company’s watermelon juice, concentrate, puree and IQF (individually quick frozen) pieces can be used as an ingredient in beverages, including those that are dairy-based. Formats are 5-gallon plastic pails and 55-gallon steel drums.

760-517-0837; www.delcarmenfruits.com

Vanilla extract replacers, dessert flavors

At the International Dairy show in September, Flavorchem launched a line of vanilla extract replacers which provide cost savings and similar functionality to traditional extracts. The extract replacers are designed to replace single-fold and two-fold vanilla extracts. These vanilla flavors come in natural and natural WONF forms, and can be used in most applications to deliver comparable flavor to pure vanilla extract. Also showcased were new flavors for dairy products and beverages (sampled in yogurts). Flavors included Bananas Foster and Key Lime.

800-435-2867; www.flavorchem.com

Oat bran powder

FutureCeuticals’ Nutrim is an oat bran powder with standardized levels of liberated oat beta-glucans. It can be used as an affordable enhancement to ready-to-mix protein beverages. It brings a silky, creamy mouth-feel and healthful oat functionality to ready-to-mix protein beverages, smoothies, meal-replacement beverages, desserts and more. It’s available gluten-free and organic, and can be eligible for the FDA Heart Health Claim. The entire Trim Family of beverage-ready grains (QuinoaTrim, ModCarb, BarleyTrim, RiceTrim and AncienTrim) are said to deliver exceptional taste and clean-label appeal for virtually any RTM/RTD application.

888-452-6853; www.futureceuticals.com

Pea protein ingredients for RTD beverages

Glanbia Nutritionals expanded its HarvestPro line of vegan plant proteins (which includes protein crisps and protein powders) with the introduction of Canada-grown pea protein ingredients. The new additions join the flax, chia and ancient grain ingredients in the company’s range. The PFC 75EF is a proprietary blend of pea, flaxseed and chia proteins, and features the EasyFlav clean flavor technology. The Pea Protein 85EF is an 85% pea protein ingredient also featuring EasyFlav. Typical applications for the new protein ingredients include ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink beverages.

800-336-2183; www.glanbianutritionals.com

Whey protein isolate

A protein found naturally in milk, the 9020 whey protein isolate (WPI) from Hilmar Ingredients, is a highly functional WPI with excellent clarity. Designed to reduce astringency in low pH applications, it’s ideal for juices and other acid beverages. The WPI is heat-stable and is suitable for use across the range of pasteurization procedures. The WPI is a complete protein with a PER of 3.2 and a PDCAAS of 1.0, according to the company.

209-667-6076; www.hilmaringredients.com

Hydrocolloid for suspension, thickening

Ingredients Solutions’ new Gellan gum is a hydrocolloid used in beverages for both suspension and thickening. It can be used to suspend nutrients, flavorings and pulps in a variety of beverages, including dairy and dairy-alternative beverages, juices and fortified beverages. Gellan gum hydrates easily and is heat-stable, allowing it to be compatible with most UHT and HTST units as well as standard filling processes. Additionally, the gum is derived from a non-animal source, making it suitable for both vegetarian and kosher/halal products. 

800-628-3166; www.isi.us.com

Functional milk protein

Ingredia’s Prodiet 90 is an rBST-free Grade A dairy ingredient, rich in BCAA and leucine. The functional milk protein’s low lactose content and excellent solubility properties make it an ideal solution for high-quality beverages with preserved texture and taste, according to the company.

419-738-4060; www.ingredia.com

Carrageenan solutions can help improve texture

Ingredion’s Precisa Carra carrageenans along with its Dial-In Technology and advanced application and formulation capabilities, can be used to launch targeted, cost-efficient food and beverage products. When combined with starch, carrageenans produce superior gel strength and increased viscosity and open the door to a variety of textures. The company offers three carrageenan solutions: Gel (a gelling and texture agent in water and dairy); LACT (a gelling, thickener and stabilizing agent for use in dairy); and SOL (a thickener and stabilizer for food and non-food systems).

800-743-6343; www.ingredion.us

Natural masking agent

Mother Murphy’s BitterMask is an effective and versatile natural masking agent. It is said to improve palatability in all types of beverage products and blends are available for specific applications. The masking agent decreases aftertaste of added vitamins and proteins, significantly reduces stevia off-notes, and enhances sweetness for a more sugar-type profile. Available in liquid and powder, the masking agents provide clean labeling. Organic-compliant versions are also available.

800-849-1277; www.mothermurphys.com

Natural sweetener

The newest stevia sweetener from PureCircle and Prinova is Sigma D, a GRAS-approved natural sweetener for dairy applications. The stevia’s clean-label definition (stevia leaf extract, natural flavor) offers improved taste profiles, reduced-calorie content, and a clean finish without linger or a licorice aftertaste. The sweetener shows excellent synergy with fructose, sugar and several polyols, and is stable through HTST and UHT processing. It works well in all dairy applications, especially whey proteins, yogurt, milk and other beverages, dairy-based frozen products and cheese products.

630-868-0300; www.prinovausa.com

Cold-brew coffee extracts

S&D Coffee and Tea created a line of origin-specific cold brew coffee extracts. Toddy Products, an extraction company, now a division of S&D, has taken its initial batch concept of longer time/lower temperature to a commercial scale. The origin-specific extracts are said to create an added sensory dimension to beverages.

800-933-2210; www.sndflavors.com

Low-cal sugar for beverages

Tate & Lyle’s Dolcia Prima Allulose is a low-calorie sugar. It provides a similar texture and mouthfeel to sucrose in beverages. That means it can be easily used as a replacement for caloric sugars while maintaining the taste that’s expected, according to the company. The sweetener can be used in combination with noncaloric, high-potency sweeteners in beverages to reduce calories and sugars.

800-526-5728; www.dolciaprima.com

Natural, high-digestive tolerance polyol

Cargill’s Zerose Erythritol is a natural, zero calorie, high-digestive tolerance polyol that provides bulk, texture, high-cooling effect and preservative benefits of sucrose in sugar-free and calorie-reduced products. The company was recently granted GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for its Zerose for use as a flavor in nonalcoholic beverages. The ingredient is said to have a clean, sweet taste similar to sugar with no aftertaste.

800-227-4455; www.cargillfoods.com

All-natural coconut sugar with stevia

Steviva Ingredients’ CocoSweet+ with stevia is an all-natural, low-glycemic coconut sugar fortified with high-grade, water extracted stevia. The golden sweetener is twice as sweet as sugar with a slight hint of caramel. In addition to being low glycemic and low in calories, the sweetener has a high mineral content which includes potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. Coconut palm sugar also contains vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6.

310-455-9876; www.stevivaingredients.com

Natural colors

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates’ colors are from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables, and are available in a variety of red, pink and purple shades. Its crystal colors are carrier-free, easily soluble, and have a 5-year shelf life at ambient temperature. The company’s colors are non-GMO, organic-compliant, OU kosher and halal-certified, and are manufactured at its FSSC 22000 certified plant. Its newest color, Crystal Tinto Shade, was introduced at the IFT Show last summer as an all-vegetable replacement for carmine/cochineal.

800-557-0220; www.sjvconc.com