All-in-one Cheddar starter culture program

Chr. Hansen recently developed a new Cheddar culture technology. The Easy-Set A3000 starter program enables cheese manufacturers to produce Cheddar with a clean, balanced and complex flavor profile similar to that of traditional bulk starter cultures. The program increases the cost-efficiency of Cheddar production primarily due to its extreme phage robustness and high final product consistency. It offers premium quality, taste and texture, a convenient format and optimized profitability for cheese production and conversion.



Natural color emulsions for natural, processed cheeses

DDW offers a new line of EmulsiTech natural color emulsions. These beta-carotene and paprika emulsions provide developers with a variety of yellow to orange options for natural and processed cheeses. They have great functionality in dairy because they are heat- and light-stable, have low flavor and provide a simple label. The natural colors can be easily incorporated into almost any water-based product. DDW also offers several certified organic annatto products in liquid or powder, water-soluble or oil soluble forms.



Solution for milder, fresher white cheeses

DSM’s new total solution for white cheese addresses consumer demand for a milder and fresher flavor. It combines a range of new phage robust cultures from the Delvo Cheese CW-range with coagulants, lipases and technical support. The solution provides numerous benefits — it extends shelf life and reduces bitterness, provides a good texture profile and helps to differentiate on flavor. It also enables fast fermentation and accelerates ripening to increase production efficiency. The company supports these products with a process scan to optimize production.



Anti-caking solution for shredded, cubed cheeses

FloAm Dairy blends are a patent pending anti-caking solution from Solvaira Specialties offering versatile, “cleaner” label solutions for shredded, grated, cubed and crumbled cheese. Made with dairy product solids, FloAm Dairy products are fully compatible with FDA regulations. The solution improves process flow, maintains excellent cheese stretch and provides a great mouthfeel, according to the company. The technology can be formulated in a wide variety of blends to suit specific customer labeling and performance requirements. All qualified sources meet the microbiological specifications of traditional anti-cake products. With very low water activity, the products will not support microbiological growth in the dry blend. The blends are kosher- and halal- certified and gluten-free.