Providing rapid, reliable, accurate somatic cell counts for cow, goat, sheep and/or buffalo milk, the LactiCyte covers a wide range (from 0 to 10,000,000 SCC/mL) in a test time of less than sixty seconds! Based upon a fluorescent microscope technique and magnification approach to cell counting, the results are recorded by a charged-coupled device (CCD) camera digitalization of the actual cells. Typically, pricing is less than $1.00 per test!

The range for actionable outcomes can be customized by the User (i.e. "Warning Level", "Critical Level"). Correlation with the Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count (DMSCC) is impressive (5% for 100,000 SCC/mL, 3% for 400,000 SCC/mL, 2% for 600,000 SCC/mL)! As an enclosed system, maintenance requirements are minimal. Users can choose between a budget-priced quick test (16 pictures) using a four channel cartridge or a more precise test (36 pictures) using two channel cartridges. Options for more in-depth analysis are also available.

Somatic Cell Testing is critical in monitoring herd health and ensuring quality in milk and milk products. According to Pamela Ruegg, "High SCC milk is not desirable for processors because it reduces the shelf life of dairy products and diminishes the quality and quantity of milk protein...".1 "Don’t let profit get away because of a high somatic cell count! The LactiCyte quickly and inexpensively identifies high cell count cows so that action can be taken to capture bonuses prior to being lost." – Dr. Don Sanders, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University. As the USA moves toward more universally accepted ranges for SCC, with many top dairy companies rewarding lower counts with bonuses; the LactiCYTE is a timely tool to assist with fair and proper monitoring and management at all levels!

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