Ceramic membrane for filtration

Atech Innovations Gmbh developed a ceramic membrane for beverage filtration and treatment. Bevatech ceramic membranes offer 211 channels with a diameter of 2 millimeters and have been designed for the filtration/separation of milk and whey, yeast and other products. The ceramic membranes are available with regular lengths of 1.200 millimeters that boast a filter surface of 1.6m² and 1.500 millimeters that boast a filter surface of approximately 2.0m².

+49-2043-94340; www.atech-innovations.com


Microfiltration technology improves operating efficiency

A patent-pending process technology for improving product yield and operating efficiency while reducing costs for dairy separations in the microfiltration range is offered through GEA. Precise flow and pressure controls are integrated into high-membrane packing density and low-capital cost spiral-wound membrane filtration plants. Beyond the whey protein isolate (WPI) application, it can be applied to separation of serum or soluble proteins from skim milk for the production of micellar casein concentrates and milk serum protein concentrates.

844-432-2329; www.gea.com


Spiral wound membranes

Microdyn-Nadir offers a wide range of membrane configurations that include spiral wound, flat sheet, hollow fiber, tubular and MBR modules to meet dairy processors’ filtration/separation needs. Its Spira-Cel spiral wound membranes are available for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration processes ranging from defatting of whey to concentrating whey protein isolates. Its 5kDa membrane offers superior protein retention over the life of the membrane. The company’s membranes are known for their high-flux, high-protein retention and long lifetimes.

919-341-4221; www.microdyn-nadir.com


Sanitary, spiral wound elements

Dairy-Pro Sanitary, Spiral Wound Elements are available from Koch Membrane Systems. Their enhanced element construction improves energy efficiency up to 25% and increase productivity up to 15% over existing elements. An advanced blister-resistant design decreases the risk of contamination. Pressure capability up to 800 psi and clean-in-place temperature tolerance up to 60°C (140°F) make the cleaning process easier and reduce operating costs. Multiple separation ranges are available, optimizing every step of dairy membrane processing.

978-694-7000; www.kochmembrane.com


De-wheying unit for cheese processing solution

Qualtech has added a de-wheying unit to its Curd Maximizer line of cheese processing solutions. There are no mechanical or moving parts, no wear components or consumables, and it is combined with a design focused on improving cleanability, minimizing maintenance, ease of inspection and integration to existing CIP systems. Instead of handling fines, the unit is now focused on curd, and whey and curds are cascaded over a screen where they are separated.

888-339-3801; www.qualtech.ca


Bacteria and spore removal from milk and whey

An effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce the number of bacteria and spores drastically is the use of ceramic filtration. The bacteria and spores are removed from the product stream, along with bacterial enzymes and somatic cells. The Tetra Pak BactoCatch microfiltration system provides a continuous in-line bacteria and spore removal by means of ceramic microfiltration. The system consists of cross-flow filtration loops with ceramic filter micron ranges from 0.8µ to 1.4µ.

763-225-8430; www.tetrapak.com


Continuous diagnostics available to operators at all times

With the Promag H 100 magnetic flowmeter with Heartbeat Technology from Endress+Hauser, production quality and up-time is ensured by utilizing the diagnostic capabilities of the flowmeters. The onboard diagnostics and verification technique ensures measurement reliability by applying a total tests coverage of >95%. The Promag H 100 is a highly accurate multivariable volume flow, temperature and conductivity measurement for skid-mounted applications where space is limited and can be used for accurate flow measurement in various applications.

888-363-7377; www.us.endress.com


Energy-efficient solid separation for dairy

Veolia’s Hydrotech Discfilter HSF2200-1C compact unit is an automatic, self-cleaning filter that can be used by dairies or similar facilities for the intake, secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater. The new series includes a filter space to accommodate up to 12 advanced woven discfilters to maximize fine solids removal and product recovery. A more efficient design with a maximum capacity set at 52.8 g/s, it occupies a 20% smaller footprint, according to the company.

412-809-6641; www.veoliawatertech.com


Polymer hollow fiber modules for whey protein fractionation

For those seeking enhanced dairy products with higher protein content and overall nutritional value, Pentair’s hollow fiber modules can be used in the process, delivering comparable separation efficiency with reduced module costs per liter of milk processed. They operate at lower temperatures for further cost reduction potential over ceramic. The various hollow fiber systems provide solutions for whey and lactose concentration, production of ESL milk, selective retention of casein to produce native whey and casein fractions, and more.

262-725-9026; www.xflow.pentair.com


Improves cleaning efficiency of alkaline products

HydriCleanse No. 325 is a highly concentrated nonionic surfactant additive designed for membrane filtration cleaning applications. Available from Hydrite Chemical Co., the product is formulated without the use of nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE), a common surfactant that has seen increased regulatory scrutiny. It is designed to improve the cleaning efficiency of alkaline products, effectively removing protein and fat soils from membrane units, and is highly compatible with commonly used PS, PES and PVDF membrane filtration units.

262-792-2363; www.hydrite.com


In-line NIR analyzer optimizes filtration

The ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc. In-Line NIR Protein, Fat and Total Solids Analyzer is an essential tool in controlling filtration equipment when producing high-level WPC and MPC because it controls the actual constituent concentration, not just the volumetric concentration of the feed. This ensures maximum accuracy of finished product and minimum give away of the important constituents such as proteins. It is fully CIPable and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of any factory environment.

888-980-1216; www.prospectanalytical.com


Membranes for more focused applications

Toray Membrane USA has updated its portfolio of membranes to include these latest developments, including MF for casein separation and defatting; HP RO membrane for highest RO rejection, operation at elevated temperature or use in higher-pressure applications; and heat-sanitizable HS RO membranes for pharma applications. These products together with the company’s existing established RO, NF, UF and MF membranes allow customers to extract value in more focused applications.

858-218-2360; www.TorayWater.com


Remote delivery system controls chemical dosing

The Remote Delivery System (RDS) from Clean Logix records each dispense and provides reports via email. The system can be operated as a standalone system or fully integrated into the plant’s control network. It dispenses chemistry via weight or via time to bypass the tower and eliminate the possibility for sensitive chemistries to enter an RO system. The RDS tower handles up to 10 chemicals and 10 CIP destinations and a single controller can handle two towers for simultaneous dispensing.

616-438-9200; www.clean-logix.com


Dairy membranes reject nearly 100% lactose

GE Power’s Dairy DK membranes help dairy producers separate lactose from dairy to produce lactose-free dairy products. These membranes have proven to reject a minimum of 99% of the lactose and have become a viable solution for lactose–free dairy products. The Dairy DK elements comply with FDA Regulations relevant sections of 21CFR; EU Framework 1935/2004/EC; and halal certification available for selected elements.

952-988-6420; www.gewater.com


PSI-Pleat, pleated filter cartridge offers high efficiency

The PSI-Pleat filter cartridge from Powder-Solutions Inc. is more efficient and less time-consuming than traditional fabric filters. The wide-pleat spacing in a PSI-Pleat provides significantly more filtration surface area than a fabric filter, and they have greater than 99.99% air filtration efficiency, which equates to cleaner air and more time between filter replacements. Installed in a matter of minutes, the PSI-Pleat is constructed of 100% polyester spunbond media. Optional surface treatments are also available.

877-236-3539; www.powder-solutions.com


UF membranes in standard and heavy-duty formats

Alfa Laval’s Dairy UF membranes, the 10 kDalton GR73PE and the 5 kDalton GR82PE, are available in a standard PE version and also in the company’s heavy-duty pHt format, designed to withstand harsh CIP regimes and temperature exposure. In the spiral form, membranes have shown positive results with combined flux and protein retention performance. They can also be supplied in flat sheet form for the concentration of acidified products such as Greek yogurt and cream cheese.

866-253-2528; www.alfalaval.us


Viscoline inline process rheometer

The Viscoline Inline Process Rheometer from Krohne Inc. provides continuous measurement of fluid viscosity for process control and monitoring applications. Viscoline is ideal for use wherever viscosity measurement is required for process control. It’s extremely adaptable and can be used for a variety of Newtonian or non-Newtonian applications, including emulsions, yogurt, cheese and more. No mechanical process modification is required for accurate viscosity measurements. The Viscoline uses patented technology based on mixing principles applied to pipes.

800-356-9464; us.krohne.com


Ultrasil membrane care program

Ecolab’s line of Ultrasil products are designed to help increase productivity and reduce downtime, in addition to helping achieve reproducible results. The line offers solutions for microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration/ultra osmosis (NF/UO) filtration needs. The company’s wash programs are developed for and tested on all soils and membrane types. The Ultrasil program helps extend the lifetime of membranes longer than those cleaned with harsher chemistries.

800-392-3392; Ecolab.com


Monitors high-strength and dissolved proteins to reduce BOD charges

The optek AF16N NIR sensor from optek-Danulat Inc. monitors heavy solids to identify and quantify high-strength waste, while the AF45 UV sensor identifies dissolved dairy protein, even when the process stream appears clear. The combination of the AF16N (NIR) heavy solids and AF45 (ultra-violet) sensors will ensure minimal exposure to unexpected BOD charges. The NIR absorption measurement technology is used by the optek 3A-certified photometric systems for accurate measurements.

888-814-4288; www.optek.com


Nondestructive procedure to assess organic, inorganic and biofilm fouling

A leader in enzymatic membrane cleaning, Realco developed a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions to ensure optimal productivity of filtration equipment. In order to optimize the filtration process, efficient cleaning is a key concern. Its nondestructive Fouling Analysis Kit, featuring patented technology, enables clear identification of the nature of residues that may reduce equipment efficiency, allowing the recommendation of the most effective cleaning procedure that will remove all stubborn residues.

937-350-5660; www.realzyme.com


Energy efficient sanitary spiral wound elements for dairy

Koch Membrane Systems launched the Dairy-Pro Sanitary Spiral Wound Elements at the International Cheese Technology Expo in April. The elements are designed specifically for the demands of the dairy industry. Their enhanced element construction improves energy efficiency up to 25% and increases productivity up to 15% over prior elements, according to the company. An advanced blister resistant design decreases the risk of product contamination.

978-694-7000; www.kochmembrane.com