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SPX PMO-compliant mix proof valvesInspired by yogurts discovered in Australia, Wallaby Yogurt is a family-run business that manufactures a variety of organic yogurt, kefir and sour cream foods from its facility in Napa Valley, California. It makes products with distinct flavors and textures with a mission to deliver “outstanding yogurt of the highest quality”.

Wallaby Yogurt selected the latest SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB) brand mix proof valves for use on a second set of pasteurizing tanks. The W75CP2 double seat mix proof valve is designed specifically for safe separation of dairy product from cleaning fluids with seat-lift separation compliance in accordance with the latest revision of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

The initial project in 2012/2013 consisted of 12 valves in a mix proof manifold. More W75CP2 valves along with some single seat valves for optimal CIP routing were added onto the manifold in 2014 as part of a further expansion project.

Wallaby Yogurt Process Engineer Bonnie Zhu said, “We selected the WCB mix proof valves because they eliminated the need for two sets of valves for product flow and CIP. The PMO valve group also eliminated the need for more piping and connections because we only needed to connect to one valve group.”
Used to control product/CIP flow from the pasteurizing tanks, the W75CP2 valves have been performing very well since their installation early in 2013.

Understanding mix proof valve technology

The hygienic W75CP2 meets the latest 3-A standard 85-02 to allow a reduced-diameter vent drain and therefore smaller overall valve and actuator. It uses innovative vent separator technology to create complete isolation of the upper and lower pipelines with two independent drain paths for leakage and CIP. This prevents any impingement of CIP fluid on the opposite valve seat during seat cleaning and maintains a zero or less vent cavity pressure at all times, significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination between CIP and dairy products. All product-contact surfaces are efficiently cleaned without full actuation.

WCB valves are available with a number of different control options. Wallaby Yogurt selected the new 8681 control top that offers advanced functionality including automatic programming of three feedback positions, USB and Bluetooth interfaces, ultra-bright LED display with 360° viewing, up to IP69K extreme wash-down rating, maintenance alerts, and bus communication options.

Systems integrator for dairy food process systems

The W75CP2 valves for Wallaby Yogurt were provided via WM Sprinkman (, an expert systems integrator for sanitary food and beverage process systems. Wallaby Yogurt had already standardized on WCB pumps and valves and the advantages of moving to the latest mix proof technology was a natural next step, especially with the support of both SPX and WM Sprinkman.

When asked about the experience of working with SPX, Zhu said, “SPX have always been responsive with any questions we have had with any of their products. Their manuals are easily accessible through their website and easy to understand.”

Mix-proof PMO valves offer efficient, reliable performance in a dairy plant

SPX PMO-compliant mix proof valvesW75CP2 mix-proof PMO valves are designed to offer efficient, reliable performance to the dairy industry. Their use can help reduce the need to run separate connections to two different valve groups for product flow and CIP. This can result in cost savings across installation, operation and maintenance.

SPX offers an expansive range of solutions to the dairy industry, from single components to complete, turnkey processing lines. With many leading brands including WCB, APV, Gerstenberg Schr?der and Anhydro, it has leading expertise and technology to ensure efficient, high performance, sustainable solutions that meet the modern challenges faced by the industry. The W75CP2 valve is just one example of it delivering real customer benefit through a continuous program of research and development in close partnership with dairies throughout the world.

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