Rieger’s N2 PMO mix-proof valve for dairy processing requires no special tools. There are only four seals in the product contact area, which “guarantees” reduced downtimes and minimal spare part costs, according to the company. No product loss during valve stroking reduces waste during production cycles, the company stated.

262-657-5566; www.flowproducts.us

The Unique mix-proof CP-3 valve from Alfa Laval uses a fast and efficient actuator that requires less air volume at seat lift and push, resulting in low air consumption and minimized CIP fluid loss. It is said to provide lower cost of ownership and downtime. Only two seals are located in the valve chamber – allowing faster cleaning of the valve during seat lift with less seal spares required. The valve is FDA-compliant to 145 psi and it complies with 3-A SSI 85-03 for seat-lift cleaning as well as the FDA’s Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.

800-558-4060; www.alfalaval.us/mixproof

A new mix-proof valve design from Pentair Südmo provides clear and safe separation between two process streams so that different lines and/or equipment can be cleaned and sterilized without the possibility of cross contamination. The valve meets FDA and USP Class VI material requirements and is completely suitable for aseptic valve solutions.  The seal material has a high resistance to chemicals, cleaning agents and temperatures up 302F, and it has very good pressure stability up to 145 psi.

262-725-9026; www.sudmona.com

Flowtrend distributes the Hygienic Twin Screw Pump from Germany’s Wangen Pumpen within the United States and Canada. The pump has high priming capacity and a wide viscosity range (up to 1,000,000 cP possible by axial pumping and low shear rates of the product). The axial pumping and low acceleration of product in the pump ensures low pulsation.

281-990-8582; www.flowtrend.com

Fristam Pumps USA’s FKL-A 400 positive displacement pump is the latest in the series to be redesigned with features including a rounded split-style gearbox and labyrinth oil seals. It also becomes the largest PD pump to include a stainless steel gearbox option. The pump handles pressures to 500 psi and displaces 0.74 gal/rev. During CIP, everything, including the cover and rotors, remains in place.

608-831-5001; www.fristam.com/usa

Ingersoll Rand’s ARO has expanded its SD line of FDA-compliant diaphragm pumps. The SD line is said to yield 20% to 30% better flow rates and ensures material is transferred unharmed. The design of the pump allows it to be disassembled rapidly, making it easy to inspect, clean and maintain.

800-495-0276; www.arozone.com

Mouvex’s eccentric disc pumps are used in product recovery systems. Because of the nonpulsing, low-slip operation, the pumps can achieve

product-recovery rates of 60% to 80% or more, according to the company.  The various styles of eccentric disc pump technologies feature a seal-free design and CIP/SIP capabilities.

+33 3 8649 8681; www.mouvex.com

The ZP3 is a positive displacement pump from Ampco Pumps Co. The pump comes with a stainless steel gearcase as standard, and it is completely CIP-able with no disassembly required. It is EHEDG-certified and in conformance with 3A Sanitary Standards Inc. and the ATEX Directive.

 414-643-1852; www.ampcopumps.com