Alfa Laval’s Unique PMO mixproof valves include throttling edges on the upper and lower plugs of each valve to accelerate the cleaning fluid and to ensure maximum efficiency in the use of CIP to clean valve seats. This mechanical “scouring” effect enables faster, more thorough cleaning with the absolute minimum amount of CIP fluid. The Unique PMO is equipped with a fully maintainable actuator, designed to further optimize and conserve CIP fluids.

Pentair Südmo’s 365it Complete PMO mixproof valve has a space-saving design. The patented deflector provides a real physical barrier that prevents direct cleaning solution impingement (with or without seals) while creating a vacuum, without any line pressure, in front of the opposite side seat. The valve is combined with the IntelliTop 2.0, which has the ability to alert the operator when the equipment is due for maintenance, by either time or number of actuations.

The Y-ball check valve from Sanitary Solutions (not shown) is manufactured for product flow applications that require the prevention of reverse flow. It is used with a 6-inch air blow check valve at the run of the Y-ball check valve to evacuate lines of product or CIP solutions.

The Burkert Element line of valves, sensors and controllers offer a cleaner environment for hygienic processes. There are no coatings, pockets or external pneumatic lines to hinder cleanliness. Valves are delivered with bright visual feedback via signal LEDs or a backlit graphic display. Factory floor communications and status monitoring is available via simple 4-20mA or a range of digital protocols.

The ZP3 positive displacement pump from Ampco Pumps Co. has a new patent-pending front loading seal design for ZP series pumps. This seal is designed to 3-A standards and has passed the stringent EHEDG clean-ability requirements. In addition to being fully “clean in place,” the seal can be serviced without the need to remove the rotor body and piping. Also, the front-loading nature of the seal eliminates the “dead zone” in the shaft bore.

The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell W75CP2 PMO mixproof valve is SPX Flow Technology’s newest generation of continuous process double-seat valves. The valve meets the latest 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02 to allow a reduced-diameter vent cavity, meaning a more compact and lighter valve. The vent separator technology creates two independent vent paths for CIP during upper and lower seat cleaning to direct spray out the drain without any possible impingement on the opposite seat seal and maintains zero pressure or less in the vent cavity during seat cleaning. This provides secure and reliable protection of dairy products during cleaning and processing.

RiegerPMO hygienic mixproof valves provide reliable protection for a dairy processor’s products, as they separate non-compatible liquids. The design of the one-piece solid valve body and the radial sealing of both valve seats together with the balanced valve disks allow completely safe CIP/SIP-cleaning and thus provide extremely high safety for products. The valve body is made from solid bar. It is waterhammer-safe up to 30 bar (435 psi). The standard actuator has three lifting functions.

Inter Ice-Pump (available from Martin Brothers) is a Danish-owned company that manufactures continuous ice cream freezer pumps. All pumps are tested on a test rig for two hours before shipment and all parts are measured on 3D CNC measuring machines before shipment. The pumps are available with or without CIP, and can be ordered new or refurbished. The company stocks pump repair kits and gasket sets.  N