Arla Foods Ingredients launched Nutrilac Hi-Pro Improvers, a range of functional milk proteins that boosts protein levels in dairy products to as high as 10% without negatively impacting taste and texture. They are made from natural milk proteins. Potential applications include Greek-style yogurts; fat-reduced dairy products that don’t compromise on quality; and high-protein juice and milk blends.

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BASF Nutrition & Health is helping customers reposition chocolate milk into a recovery beverage with Tonalin conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Dairy marketers can turn milk products into recovery drinks by adding Tonalin CLA and vitamin D. CLA is naturally found in dairy products, and Tonalin CLA is known for reducing body fat and building and maintaining lean muscle mass, according to the company.



BI Nutraceuticals’ dietary fiber product line consists of three fiber offerings, each contributing its own valued-added properties to finished products. Organic apple fiber contains up to 40% dietary fiber;  organic carrot fiber contains up to 80% dietary fiber; and Psyberloid (psyllium fiber) contains up to 90% dietary fiber. The fibers are gluten-free, heat- and pH-stable and require no masking. A “made with whole grains” claim is possible.



Autocrat makes extracts that contain cold brew so customers can deliver a great tasting profile in a dairy base. Cold brew extraction delivers a smooth coffee flavor in finished beverage applications with aroma notes that are well-blended, providing a balanced iced coffee beverage. This iced coffee is made with a premium blend of roasted coffee that is slow brewed with cool water and mixed with complementing ingredients.



ISI, which develops, designs and markets specialty hydrocolloids, offers a full line of organic-allowed, natural-grade products from multiple manufacturing sites for reliable supplies. Its product line includes nalgin sodium alginates, pectin, locust bean gum and tara gum.  



Corbion’s Nutrivan line of vitamin and mineral premixes are completely customizable blends. The Nutrivan Strong premix is a custom blend of nutrients designed to help support the skeletal system. This premix, along with milk protein, provides a starting point to fortify current products.



Fiberstar Inc. introduced new applications in dairy using its Citri-Fi 100 series products. Citri-Fi, a natural functional fiber created from citrus fiber, has long been popular in dairy for its natural solution to syneresis and texturizing in dairy. New studies have now demonstrated that Citri-Fi 100M40 is increasing yield in soft cheeses, such as ricotta.  It provides the same mouthfeel and is a natural solution to increase revenues for soft cheese producers.



Frutarom Switzerland Ltd., Health BU Switzerland, has entered into the omega-3 market with high-quality and deodorized DHA and EPA marine-sourced omega-3 ingredients, designed for a variety of food and beverage applications. The new omega-3 line is produced using the latest technology and controlled sourcing of high-end raw materials.

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Fruitcrown Products manufactures aseptic fruit bases, flavors and specialties, including high fruit stabilized strawberries for frozen dessert applications. All of its stabilized fruit products are pathogen-free.



Gadot America’s Gadocal K and Gadomag K are patented citrate salts of calcium and potassium, and magnesium and potassium, respectively. They are specifically designed for calcium and magnesium fortification of protein-containing beverages such as milk, yogurt and soy milk. Soluble calcium salts can cause protein coagulation and insoluble salts lead to sedimentation. These citrate salts can solve these problems by forming a matrix with the proteins in the beverage to create a stable suspension that keeps the divalent cations ideally dispersed in the milk.



Palsgaard will introduce a multipurpose mixture of emulsifiers and stabilizers designed to enhance the sensory properties and stability of a variety of chocolate milk and other dairy drinks at this summer’s IFT show in June.  ChoMilk 173 is able to stabilize and suspend various types of particles in different types of dairy drinks. These include not only standard chocolate milk products (cold- and warm-filled), but also related dairy drinks with low-protein content, coffee milk drinks and low-calorie dairy drinks.



Nexira offers Thixogum, a synergistic combination of highly purified acacia gum and xanthan gum. Thixogum combines the unique emulsifying and stabilizing properties of acacia gum with the thickening and suspending abilities of xanthan gum. Thixogum improves mouthfeel and provides a unique smooth texture with enhanced flavor release in dairy products, even at low dosage. Nexira also offers a new Instantgum range to replace synthetic emulsifiers in ice cream that is suitable for a clean-label approach.



Provitas LLC manufactures spray-dried vitamin powders including E700SD natural vitamin E acetate, which is suitable for the fortification of beverages and food. Its line of spray-dried vitamin powders includes vitamins A, D and synthetic and natural E.



Frutalose SF75 is an all-natural, low-calorie sweetener offered by Sensus America that is produced from the chicory root. The product delivers 65% the sweetness of sucrose yet contains 75% dietary fiber and has half the calories of sugar, according to the company. Research has shown that the sweetener has a synergistic effect when combined with high-intensity sweeteners such as stevia and sucralose, masking the off-tastes typically associated with these ingredients to provide a clean sweetness profile. The product provides a variety of nutritional and functional benefits in applications ranging from ice cream to yogurt and dairy beverages.



Tate & Lyle’s Tasteva stevia sweetener is a zero-calorie sweetener offering 50% or greater sugar-reduction levels in foods and beverages, such as yogurt and flavored milk. The sweetener is said to not have the bitter aftertaste associated with other high-purity stevia-based sweeteners, eliminating the need for masking ingredients.



Horn, Beneo’s Western U.S. regional distributor, offers functional fibers, including Orafti inulin and fructooligosaccharide (FOS) products sourced from chicory root; functional carbohydrates, including Palatinose and ISOMALT; and specialty rice ingredients, including rice starches, flours and proteins. Its sweeteners, starches, prebiotic fibers and carbs can be used in ice cream, yogurt, mousses and dairy drinks.



Virginia Dare’s extensive portfolio of masking flavors can help improve the flavor, mask off-notes and reduce objectionable bitterness of functional ingredients added to dairy products. Its masking flavors are available in liquid and dry, natural, all-natural, natural and artificial, non-GMO and organic-compliant forms to meet all a dairy processor’s requirements.


Colors and flavors for dairy


Trilogy Essential Ingredients has created a line of signature flavors designed to enhance low-fat sour cream. The flavors include buffalo wing, jalapeño spice and dill pickle.



POM offers individually quick-frozen pomegranate arils. It says it is the only supplier to use exclusively the Wonderful variety, which is known for its sweet-tart taste and ruby red arils. The arils add a pomegranate flavor, fruity aroma and enhanced texture to products. POM works with food manufacturers to develop ways to use pomegranate arils in their own branded products, including yogurts and ice cream.



LycoRed has developed a range of red color formulations under the Tomat-O-Red brand specifically for the dairy industry. Tomat-O-Red is the only natural red color stable in UHT treatment. It does not change color at different pH levels, and it is natural, vegan and approved by FDA and EFSA for color applications. The color is manufactured from whole, ripe, GMO-free red tomatoes, according to the company. Dairy products colored with this ingredient also provide a good source of the natural tomato lycopene, which is well known for its anti-oxidant activity.



Chr. Hansen’s new cheese coloring solution called WhiteWhey is an alternative to annatto color. By replacing annatto with the beta-carotene based WhiteWhey colors, cheese producers can experience an 85% to 95% reduction in color transfer to the whey. This allows producers of Cheddar cheese to get more value from their whey while maintaining the visual appearance of their cheese products.