The SmartWay Advantage
Once we joined SmartWay and started reviewing our usage, we began measuring our diesel fuel usage as a function of the amount of product we haul. Once we benchmarked, we were able to implement SmartWay strategies such as road optimization, load sizes, and increasing payload sizes. This let us move the needle, delivering some impressive savings numbers.

By working with SmartWay, we’ve become more efficient in our fuel usage, which in turn helps us save money. Being more sustainable doesn’t have to cost more – it can save money! And SmartWay has the tools and resources to help companies be green without having to spend more. To find out more about SmartWay and partner with the program, visit

Over a period of three years we reduced our value for gallons of diesel per ton of milk hauled by .3 of a gallon. It doesn’t sound like much, but we ship over 2 million tons of milk every year. That’s $800,000 a year when diesel is at $4.00/gallon. An added benefit of the program is that SmartWay helps connect different pieces of the transportation supply chain. Shippers interested in a more sustainable supply chain can access SmartWay carriers and vice versa. With the latest in both EPA-tested tools and partner-tested technologies, SmartWay helps shipper partners gain a better understanding of their freight supply chain footprint and assert their corporate leadership. SmartWay partners are also associated with a recognized and respected brand that symbolizes cleaner, more efficient transportation choices.

About SmartWay
SmartWay Transport is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s flagship program for improving fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution from the transportation supply chain industry.

“By participating in EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership and working to reduce costs and emissions, Foremost Farms and other SmartWay partners help move our nation forward to a healthier and more secure future,” said Cheryl L. Bynum, Center Director, SmartWay and Supply Chain Programs.



 Alex McDonald is the director of transportation and logistics for Foremost Farms USA. In 2012, Foremost Farms received a SmartWay Excellence Award for its superior environmental leadership.