Kraft Foods got its new Fresh Take product on the shelf in about 12 months after the idea was conceived. Kraft launched the cheese-and-breadcrumbs kit in January 2012 with six SKUs, and will soon add three more flavors, said David Gacom, brand manager of Kraft Fresh Take. Dairy Foods named Fresh Take one of the Best New Dairy Products of 2012.

D Kraft Fresh Take package #3Gacom shares details of the product development, the launch and new marketing initiatives in a podcast with Dairy Foods editor Jim Carper.
The three new flavors are Smoky Mesquite Barbecue, Classic Four Cheese and Spicy Chipotle Cheddar. Kraft's vision is to be "the leading purveyor of fresh flavorful and fast-scratch meals," Gacom said.

Kraft soon will deploy four mobile food trucks and partner with retailers to drive sampling and versatility with end dishes with the goal of creating "shopper engagement." The hope is that the product becomes "a staple on every mom's grocery list," Gacom said. He added that Fresh Take is on the "precipice of this taking off and exploding."

Listen to the complete interview in "All Things Dairy," Dairy Foods new podcast channel.