Holland, Michigan...Fogg Filler, a market leader in the design and manufacture of rotary filling systems for the liquids industry, is continually focused on improving technology that better serves our customers and the environment.  Fogg and a technology partner have developed a new ultraviolet wavelength that is proving to be far more successful than current UV sanitizing methods in the industry.

Fogg’s Microb-Blaster® 834 FUV unit produces a unique wave formation that nearly doubles the absorption of UV in micro-organisms.  This new wavelength also greatly reduces cross linking so that over exposure issues are eliminated.  This light source has been tested and is successfully killing greater than 3 log reductions on the highly UV resistant Bacillus strain.  Other common mold and yeast spores have achieved up to a 7 log reduction!

There are two types of FUV light sources, FUV and FUV+.  Each lamp kills different types of organisms.  Initial testing on your specific organisms will provide the data you will need to pick a light source.  Or, for maximum log reduction you can combine the FUV and FUV+.

These lamps are ready for purchase in Fogg’s Microb-Blasters® for caps and bottles.  The units look and operate very similar to our previous models of Microb-Blasters® but with different lamp options to improve your sanitation.

Fogg’s R&D team is also designing a Rotary Bottle Sanitizer to sanitize the inside of your bottles.  This Rotary Bottle Sanitizer will look very similar to our Rotary Rinser but will not use any chemicals.  The first turret will invert the bottle to blow out any debris that might be in the bottle and the second turret will insert the FUV lamp inside the bottle to sanitize the bottles prior to filling.  You will be filling GREENER and CLEANER than ever before!

You can integrate a Microb-Blaster® for caps or bottles to almost any line or have it built directly into your next project.  Each Microb-Blaster® will be customized to meet your sanitation needs.  Fogg’s proven technology helps lower operating costs and provides the highest level of reliability for your production lines.  Please consult a Fogg sales representative to discuss your particular application or for our full line of filling machines and accessories please contact our sales team at 616-786-FOGG or www.foggfiller.com.