Fogg Filler's new articulating jaw capper can cap almost anything. Fogg's ability to provide a monobloc filler and capper with an articulating jaw capper has just been made easier. In the past, Fogg would accomplish this by integrating a third party's capper. Now, with Fogg's new design, you can enjoy a single source for your filling and capping solutions. This change will make your overall start up and commissioning much more cost effective. Also, when cap changes arise it will be 30%-50% more economical than your previous options, which makes it a very good long term investment.
The Fogg articulating jaw capper has been designed to handle non-conventional caps. The design parameters are based on 12 years of proven Pick-N-Place capping performance. It is lubrication free to reduce the possibility for product contamination the keep the maintenance to a minimum. The spindles can be quickly and easily removed when planned maintenance and/or rebuilds are necessary. The service life is approximately 8,000 - 10,000 hours between overhauls.
It can be retrofitted to most existing Fogg fillers. Fogg's proven technology helps lower operating costs and provides the highest level of reliability for your production lines.

Fogg Filler