Tetra Pak this month launched the next-generation of its Cheddar cheese blockforming unit. The Tetra Tebel Blockformer enables cheese manufacturers to improve environmental performance, reduce costs and minimize product loss. 

“Our Tetra Tebel Blockformers are known for their excellent quality, high throughput, high accuracy, low product losses, good hygiene and low maintenance. Now we’ve made them even better, said Mark Boxall, Category Director, Cheese and Whey, Tetra Pak.


Thanks to lower energy consumption, the new units offer a 25% CO2 reduction compared to the Tetra Tebel Blockformer 5 TwinVac version. The reduced use of air, water and electricity results in a 20% running cost reduction per kg cheese. In addition, weight accuracy is improved by as much as 20%. 

These improvements in performance are the result of a number of innovations, driven by Tetra Pak’s focus on increasing both environmental and operational efficiency. Among them:

A new door system that reduces product loss. The unique double-action door has separate lifting and closing operations, with smooth transition of blocks to the conveyor and a tight seal against chamber – which means minimum curd losses and no leaking during CIP (cleaning in place).

New integrated curd-air separation for easy cleaning. Integrating the separation process into the top of the tower in order to intercept accidental carry-over of curds– means less equipment to install leads to a reduction in cleaning time, maintenance and lower investment for the producer.

New vacuum pumps with frequency controllers to save energy. Unlike conventional systems – where the pumps run flat out at all times –frequency controllers run at the speed required at any given moment and the pump slows down in the event of a temporary stop on the line. This means considerably lower energy consumption, which reduces the operational costs and reduces environmental impact.

A new tower design that reduces wear and boosts quality. The entire tower has been made much more robust for a longer, trouble-free lifetime. It’s been redesigned for easier cleaning. And the liner has a special surface treatment that gives a really smooth block surface.

A new guillotine system that cuts downtime. Thanks to the unique design, the system can be replaced in about 20 minutes – compared to other systems which require a full day’s work. And there’s no need to remove the tower because it’s easily accessible.

A new elevator cylinder for easy, accurate operation. It’s based on a simple pneumatic system, with a hygienic, stainless steel lowering cylinder, for reliable lowering and portioning. There’s very little wear and tear so there’s excellent long-term precision as well as lower cost.

A new user-friendly control system allows the cheese producer to have a single screen for multiple block formers or one screen for each.

Tetra Pak