GEA Procomac launched Fluens 2000, a low in-feed, non-robotized palletizer that is capable of continuous operation at a rate of more than eight layers a minute. Using newly patented technology, the Fluens 2000 achieves high productivity with less stress on the key mechanical components, thereby keeping maintenance costs down and reducing the chances of unscheduled downtime. The design also reduces the costs of the conveyor system and maintains a small footprint.

GEA Procomac S.p.A.

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RMT Robotics introduced a case-and-crate picking solution designed to reduce the footprint of standard pick modules, pick in exact customer sequences and provide complete traceability of products. Using an advanced automated controls system, cases or crates will be delivered in exactly the desired pallet-build sequence for automated mixed palletizing at the dock. The robotic gantry-based solutions also have limitless layout options, can operate in chill stores set at – 20°C and can handle a large variety of products.

RMT Robotics, a Cimcorp Oy company


Intelligrated released new zone control upgrade features to the Intelligrated Accuglide and IntelliQ powered roller accumulation case conveyors. Both conveyors provide quiet, positive transportation and true zero-pressure accumulation for rapid, virtually damage-free handling of a broad range of products. Zone control upgrades include enhanced sleep mode to reduce noise, energy usage and equipment wear; jam detection logic to identify flow interruptions and command zone shutdowns; photo-eye visibility to eliminate cost of additional system-level eyes; visible status lights, device and system-level diagnostics to streamline maintenance; and an on-board independent logic controller that stores commands to reduce programming requirements and central computer communication.



Schneider Packaging Equipment’s Pack/Pal case packer/palletizer is designed for complete case packing and palletizing in minimal floor space or low ceiling environments. Equipped with a FANUC long-arm robot, this integrated case packer/palletizer automatically transfers pallets into position at floor level, eliminating pallet conveying and building full-height pallets. Pallets move out of the system at floor level, where they can be removed by a standard pallet jack or fork truck. 

Schneider Packaging Equipment


Westfalia Deam installed its newly designed compact case stack depalletizing system for automatic empty case handling at Northumberland Dairies, Canada. Westfalia Deam’s empty case handling solution includes a case stack depalletizer, stack conveyors with 3:1 merging, a bottom-out destacker and wheel drives designed to transfer cases overhead to a new case washer.

Westfalia Deam Systems


ToolBox is a world market leader for high-performance manufacturing and intralogistics systems. Today, more than 600 plants in 30-plus countries around the world rely on dispoTool, a warehouse and production management system, every day. The new warehouse management supports online stock handling, placing and releasing stock and picking.

ToolBox Software North America Inc.


Dynamic Conveyor unveiled the DynaClean conveyor system, which is easy to clean and offers flexibility in configuration and reconfiguration not possible with traditional stainless steel conveyors. DynaClean conveyors are built to meet NSF, FDA, USDA and BISCC standards and can be custom designed, configured and reconfigured to include horizontal and multiple angle options.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp.