Dairy plant management system

Aptean’s factory manufacturing execution system (MES) provides dairy processors with a tool to improve daily work control practices. The MES provides a real-time view of plant floor operations, which enables floor operators to act immediately on important functions that impact everything from equipment effectiveness to process improvement. The system can reduce downtime/changeover times, identify losses and eliminate paper-based systems.

(770) 351-9600; www.aptean.com   


Fully engineered freezer-ready PTS 

Savoye/Retrotech’s Pick Tray System (PTS), a shuttle-based ASR system for cases/trays, now in its third generation, has been fully engineered for the harsh environments of the freezers. The newly designed capability of the freezer-grade PTS provides a logistics automation solution to meet the growing demand for order fulfillment at the case and less-than case quantities from the frozen goods distribution center (DC). This design brings the unique benefits of the robotic ASR Systems (productivity, flexibility and redundancy) for small volume picking to the cold/frozen DC.

866-915-2777; www.retrotech.com


Builder of automated AS/RS warehouses, freezers

ESI Group USA constructs AS/RS (automatic storage and retrieval systems), manual and automated picking systems and robotic order fulfillment systems to help automate certain processes. By going up and not out, a warehouse becomes more efficient with less unused conditioned space and more efficient product cooling, according to the company. ESI has built both rack-supported and conventional automated AS/RS warehouses and freezers — single, double-deep and deep-lane pallet storage AS/RS up to 12 pallets deep on either side of the storage retrieval machine aisle.

866-369-3535; www.esigroupusa.com


Robotic mixed-load order fulfillment solutions 

Intelligrated’s suite of Alvey robotic mixed-load order fulfillment solutions utilize the latest advancements in robotic integration, configurable end-of-arm tooling, advanced software, controls and vision technology to automate almost any mixed-case requirement. Manufacturers and distributors can replace outdated manual handling processes with the efficiency and cost-saving benefits of automation. Robotic and conventional automated palletizing and depalletizing systems seamlessly integrate with other Intelligrated automation components.

866-936-7300; www.intelligrated.com


Multiline robotic palletizer

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc. introduced the robotic multiline palletizer for multiple SKUs in multiple configurations. This system can be scaled up or down on a 1:4 infeed to outfeed ratio and builds four unit loads per cell simultaneously. In this two-in, eight-out version, the system utilizes two Fanuc M410iB/140 robots, picking one product at a time.  Up to four product types can be randomly conveyed together. 

315-676-3035; www.schneiderpackaging.com


Inventory management system

SoftTraceInventory Management is a fully functional inventory management system which can be used to control bulk raw materials, ingredients, contact materials and finished product inventory as well as meet sales order processing, picking, dispatch and yield analysis challenges.

+353 21 4533781; www.soft-trace.com


New vertical lift station camera option  

Westfalia Technologies Inc. launched a standardized vertical lift station (VLS) camera as part of its automated storage and retrieval system technology. As an add-on to the storage/retrieval machine, the camera allows warehouse personnel to view pallets remotely, increasing safety and accuracy in product storage and retrieval, while adding efficiency to warehouse and distribution center operations. The VLS camera is fully integrated with the company’s component solutions via wireless connection.

 717-764-1115; www.WestfaliaUSA.com