Save time, money and membranes with the Ecolab Ultrasil program, which is a two-part, enzyme-based, cleaning program, including Ultrasil 67 and Ultrasil Extend. Used together, this unique combination of stabilized enzymes, surfactants and sequestering agents are said to provide better soil penetration and protein breakdown. Benefits include increased membrane life and production time, reduced water and energy consumption during clean-in-place and significant effluent impacts, such as phosphorus and potassium reduction.



Microdyn-Nadir GmbH offers a wide variety of membrane filtration solutions for the dairy and food industry. Its Spira-Cel spiral wound filtration elements come in standard and custom sizes in the range of micro, ultra and nanofiltration. Spira-Cel elements are said to have great retention, high fluxes, long lifetime and excellent performance in dairy and food applications.

Microdyn Technologies Inc.


The Pall Aria FB system provides consistent downstream quality. This user-friendly, automated system uses robust PVDF hollow-fiber microfiltration membranes to retain suspended contaminants and achieve microbial bioburden reduction. A unique air scrubbing and flux maintenance process provides high-recovery yield >98% and consistent performance, with typical turbidity <0.1 NTU, TSS <0.1 ppm and silt density index <3.

Pall Corp.


Diversey says it’s committed to delivering the best in class service in membrane applications through technology and knowledgeable employees. Its global proven practices combined with local expertise can assess any plant and create customized programs to optimize a plant’s cleaning and production requirements. Formulated for membranes, the Divos products ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are obtained on membrane installations and help extend their life.

Diversey, Inc.


Koch Membrane Systems has been a pioneer in separation and filtration products for close to half a century. Only KMS has microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes to address the needs of the dairy industry. Whether a user is producing cheese, processing whey, extracting high-quality nutraceuticals or producing a combination of products, KMS has the membrane technology to enhance any process.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.


Dairy processors and food and beverage manufacturers looking for a solution to meet the challenge of high-strength biodegradable wastewater management can turn to Norit X-Flow, which is considered to be a leader in the development and supply of ultrafiltration membrane technology. Norit’s X-Flow’s UF membranes for anaerobic MBR systems are a sustainable solution for industrial wastewater. The systems produce valuable biogas and high-quality water for reuse or discharge as well as effectively reduce phosphorous to assist with a green image for today’s progressive industries.

X-Flow North America