Horix Flow Meter filler offers accurate volumetric and sanitary filling capability ideally suited for dairy and juice products. Its design allows for no contact with the neck of a container or intermixing of air in a container with fresh product in tank. It features all non-threaded contact parts to ensure easy cleanup and comes with rinsers and cappers.
Horix Manufacturing Co.

The Model 80 is one of T.D. Sawvel’s most versatile machines, providing a highly flexible platform for makers of ice cream and other frozen desserts. The fully automatic Model 80 offers container denesting, indexing, filling and automatic lidding, and provides the ability to place tamper-evident, Mylar inner seals from roll stock or pre-cut seals.
T.D. Sawvel Co. Inc.

Harpak-ULMA’s line of G. Mondini fillers ranges from semi-automatic rotary and linear to fully automatic pocket, as well as various piston and lobe fillers. Pocket fillers offer the most simple and hygienic solution for filling low-viscosity product, which can be spread over a surface with minimum waste and no recycle. Piston and lobe fillers are used for pumpable products such as yogurt, sauces, etc.
Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC

The Flex E Fill ice cream filler from Stanpac is said to be one of the most flexible fillers in the industry. It can fill 3- to 64-ounce containers in round or “scround” configurations. Plus, changeovers can be performed in 20-30 minutes. New this year is a wooden or plastic spoon-dispensing attachment for novelty size packages. Plastic film units are available on some models to allow for a freshness/tamper-evident seal.

Shibuya is a leading supplier of aseptic beverage/dairy filling systems with more than 110 high-speed (400-1,200 bottles per minute) integrated aseptic filling systems installed worldwide. Its isolator-based systems are designed to meet FDA criteria for low-acid beverages with more than 10 billion products produced to date without spoilage. In addition to the line of conventional H2O2 sterilization aseptic systems, Shibuya produced the world’s first rotary E-Beam aseptic filling system.
Shibuya Hoppmann

Evergreen Packaging introduced the new EQ-140 high-speed gable-top packaging machine for the dairy, juice and liquid food markets. Extended long-life components, including environmental control and carton decontamination features maintain product quality. With fill volumes of 8-32 ounces (250-1,000 milliliters), the EQ-140 fills quarts and liters up to 14,000 cph, 8 ounces (250 milliliters) up to 18,000 cph and 12-16 ounces (340 to 500 milliliters) up to 18,000 cph. Plus, integrated servo-driven functions provide consistency and repeatable package performance. 
Evergreen Packaging Equipment

The Microb-Blaster for bottles from Fogg Co. is a UV-HEPA bottle sanitizer designed to simultaneously sanitize bottles with UV light and exchange the air inside the bottles with HEPA air filtration. This patent-pending technology can achieve a 0.5 to 4 log reduction on the exposed surfaces of the bottles. With constant monitoring of the light source’s placement and density, operators can keep production running with confidence. 
Fogg Co.

The Scholle SureFill 30 low-acid filler is a combination of advanced aseptic filling technologies in an operations-friendly machine that delivers versatility and speed. The SureFill provides dairy, beverage and flavoring processors a range of bag size and fitment capabilities and fills speeds up to 15 1-gallon bags per minute. The SureFill also decreases operations downtime with automatic changeovers and allows for longer run periods between clean-up and enhanced product and operator safety.
Scholle Packaging

Reiser and Vemag designed a variety of Vemag cheese cup filling systems. This automated system features a Vemag portioner and a Reiser-engineered dripless valve attachment to integrate portioning, depositing and filling. The system is an ideal solution for depositing exact-weight portions of processed cheese, cheese spread and cheese dip directly into cups, tubs, trays and packages of all types and sizes. It also can be easily integrated into existing production lines. The dripless valve attachment is an economical solution to easily fill containers with exact-weight portions.

Oystar Hassia manufactures thermoform, fill-and-seal packaging machinery for deep draw cups with a maximum output of 40 cycles per minute for products such as yogurt. Available in hygienic and aseptic applications for extended shelf life, in-mold labeling (wrap-around, spot and shrink wrap), CIP/SIP equipped and different cup forming such as a dual chambered cup are just a few of the advantages.
Oystar North America

Oystar Gasti manufactures fill-and-seal packaging machinery for pre-made cups and tubs for the dairy industry. The Dogaseptic cup filler is a continuous motion machine with outputs up to 25,200 cups per hour for extended shelf-life products such as yogurt.  The Oystar Gasti offers CIP/SIP, format flexibility and is capable of handling various types of closures.
Oystar North America

Oystar Hamba manufactures fill-and -seal packaging machinery for pre-made cups and bottles. The Flexline bottle filler is ideal for yogurt drinks with fill volumes of 100-2,000 milliliters and outputs up to 60,000 bottles per hour. Other advantages include format flexibility with minimal adjustments needed for format changes, CIP/SIP capable and applicable for hygienic and aseptic applications.
Oystar North America

The GWm weight filler from Sidel can handle a wide variety of pasteurized products dedicated to cold chain distribution, including flavored milk, drinking yogurts, probiotics, cream and more. The filler transfers various bottles up to 5 liters at an output rate up of up 60,000 bottles per hour. The GWm is available in different versions and comes with a neck trimmer, a rotary capping turret and a foil sealer or in Combi configuration with Sidel blower.
Sidel Inc.

Machines from SIG Combibloc are conveniently fast when it comes to filling drinks and liquid foods into aseptic carton packaging. With a capacity up to 24,000 carton packs an hour, SIG Combibloc fillers are also extremely efficient and flexible - a filler can be switched to any one of up to seven different package volumes in just two minutes. This means greater output with the usual high product quality, flexibility and low wastage rates.
SIG Combibloc Inc

Tetra Pak developed a new and improved module for its Evolution Valve system for the Tetra Hoyer Comet C2 filling machine and extrusion lines. The latest addition is a combination of two-flavor swirl filling with two different color ripple sauces injected into the ice cream flows before they are swirl-filled into cups or cones. This filling pattern gives a very exclusive appearance and is ideal for transparent plastic cups. Tetra Pak’s product development center allows customers to conduct specific product design tests and validate product specifications prior to the equipment arrival. 
Tetra Pak Inc.

The Elopak E-PS120UC is a flexible, high-speed filling system for pasteurized or ESL milk, juice and liquid eggs. It fills up to 12,000 gable-top cartons per hour at 8 ounces to 1 quart (250 milliliters to 1 liter), with automatic size changeover. It also fills Pure-Pak, Pure-Pak Curve, Diamond and Diamond Curve cartons, and can run two styles or sizes at once. It has a user-friendly touch-screen, ergonomic blank feeders and a sterilization system that delivers the lowest recontamination rates available.
Elopak Inc.

The new modular Flexline in-line filler from WCB Ice Cream breaks new ground in innovative filler design, flexibility and simplicity. Plus it is expandable. Servo drives and open-frame construction make the Flexline simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain. The Flexline provides filling for any container from cones to 3-gallon cans and from sundaes to ice cream cakes.
WCB Ice Cream