Through new engineering developments, Urschel now offers a wide variety of grating heads that offer cuts from coarse granules to different types of shreds for cheese, coconut, nuts and carrots. Grating heads present added flexibility to slicer/shredder Models CC, CC-D, CC-DL and CCX-D. These grating heads incorporate four posts with corresponding fasteners, upper support ring, locking lower support ring and a grating screen. A multitude of interchangeable grating screens are available to easily switch from one style to another.
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

Cryovac parchment-print bags provide the distinctive appearance of traditional parchment paper along with packaging safety for any kind of cheese or smoked and processed product. Available in any color, the parchment printing technology offers complete print coverage. Cryovac parchment-printed materials are available for forming and non-forming rollstock and in bag sizes up to 12.5 inches wide. The printing option is also available for horizontal form/fill/seal rollstock applications.
Sealed Air Corp.

Reiser and Vemag developed an innovative cheese block forming system that eliminates waste by repurposing cheese trim, ends, scraps and other pieces to produce cheese blocks. At the heart of the system lies the Vemag Portioner. The Vemag features a powerful double-screw pump that provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy. An extruder attachment produces a shaped block with consistent thickness and width. A cutoff device controls the length of the block and ensures clean, even edges.

The LC22 cheese cubing machine from Marchant Schmidt was designed to automatically reduce the size of cheese blocks or cut off into cubes and feed them directly into a shredding machine. By integrating the LC22 cuber with a shredder, it allows for a low-cost solution and requires minimal floor space. The system can operate up to 2,000 pounds per hour.
Marchant Schmidt Inc.

The new Curwood UltraSeal packaging films for natural shredded cheese are engineered to achieve high-integrity ultrasonic seals on high-speed VFFS equipment. Ideal for up to 5-pound gas-flushed packages, Curwood UltraSeal films resist abrasion, flex cracking and puncture while extending shelf life. They are also available in plain or printed.

The Tetra Tebel Alfomatic cheddaring machine from Tetra Pak produces consistent and accurately salted curd. It provides the flexibility to produce Cheddar, both milled and stirred curd, and pasta filata types of cheese. Most of the whey is separated from the curd at the wedge-wire inlet screen. The design of the screen ensures an even curd distribution across the perforated draining belt. The whey from the inlet screen is collected and can be pumped onto a second fines-saving, wedge-wire screen. The fines are reintroduced to the main product flow ending up as premium product. The stirrers are designed to be parked so curd can pass when milled curd is produced. In the case of stirred curd production, the specially designed chip mill area allows the curd to bypass the chip mill. Salt is applied to the curd on a weight-for-weight basis and thoroughly mixed in a rotating mixing drum. To meet USDA regulations and as a basic hygiene rule of thumb, hollow sections inside the machine have been eliminated or can at least be inspected.
Tetra Pak

FoodTools added an innovative optical guarding to the CS-3S to improve safety and sanitation. A state-of-the-art safety light curtain system allows for easier access during the production process, while providing a dependable guard against accidental injury.  The CS-3S slices wheels, wedges, blocks and loafs of cheese products.

Harpak-ULMA offers cheese packaging solutions for sticks, blocks, sliced, stacked, shingled and wedge shapes. From tray-sealed deli slices and form/fill/seal grated cheese to thermoformed vacuum packs for cheese wedges and cartoned, retail-ready product, Harpak’s complete, fully automated packaging lines meet all of a processor’s cheese packing requirements, from start to finish.
Harpak-ULMA Packaging, LLC

Karl Schnell’s grinder range provides a fully fledged grinding range consisting of angled and automatic grinders in various sizes and versions. These machines can be adjusted to specific applications with a wide variety of cutting sets and can be universally implemented for different products. For instance, KS offers hole plates with drill hole diameters down to 1.6 mm. The key benefits of such small grinding holes are: efficient and faster mixing with powders, advanced safety during the cooking cycle, repeatable heat holding time and less risk of re-contamination. Plus, the rugged construction of the grinders is well matched for heavy-duty operation in daily practice.
Karl Schnell Inc. USA