Daisy Brand is expanding by 86,000 square feet a building that will process and package dairy-based goods in Wooster, Ohio, according to the Daily RecordThe facility, in Wooster Innovation Park, will allow Daisy to produce Squeeze, Single Serve Cottage Cheese and a new line of Dip products.

"We have just recently finished up the 46,000 (square-foot) expansion of our cooler," Chris Blase, a spokesperson for Daisy Brand, told the news outlet, adding once construction is done, he anticipates the space will require roughly 120 to 140 employees to fill.

"The expansion continues to serve our customers in the eastern regions of the U.S." Blase told the news source. "We are glad to be part of a great community, great employees and milk to meet our production needs."

Dairy Foods reported back in 2014 that the Texas-based company broke ground on the Wooster facility.