Dairy MAX and Gaming Community Network (GCN), a GameSquare Holdings' company, announced the Level Unlocked Tournament.

This event aims to bring together students and the broader gaming community to educate young gamers on the importance of fueling their body with healthy foods, so they have the energy to play their game.

In June, students in Louisiana participated in a video submission challenge for the opportunity to play Madden NFL 23 against NFL player, James Washington, during a match to be broadcasted live on July 19th at 1 p.m. Central time. The students were tasked with creating a video that showcased their love for the New Orleans Saints, while sharing how dairy fuels their game. Submissions were evaluated on creativity and team spirit.

"Dairy farmers recognize the pivotal role they play in youth health and wellness, and the importance in providing them with proper nutrition to support their active lifestyles," said Mike Konkle, Dairy MAX CEO. "Opportunities like the Level Unlocked Madden Broadcast offer a platform for us to capture the attention of younger consumers in a virtual world, broaden our reach, diversify our messaging and key in on the importance dairy plays in their overall performance and well-being."

Dairy MAX, in partnership with the New Orleans Saints, promotes the importance of healthy, balanced eating for performance in school, in-game and on the field. As gaming and esports continue to gain momentum and capture the attention of millions of fans worldwide, Dairy MAX recognizes the importance of providing support and resources to gamers who prioritize their well-being and performance. Using a gamified approach to health and wellness, the Level Unlocked platform highlights the concept of individuality through the unique dietary choices of each gamer and how those choices fuel their physical and cognitive performance. The Level Unlocked Tournament helps further the commitment Dairy MAX has made to this mission.

"Expanding this partnership between Gaming Community Network and Dairy MAX to a club like the New Orleans Saints and their community is truly exciting!" said Drew Brunson, Gaming Community Network's president. "Amplifying Dairy MAX's mission of healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition is one that we support and enjoy promoting."

The event will be promoted on social media by Saints wide receiver James Washington and host, Isaiah Stanback, former NFL wide receiver and current host of "Hit Sticks," an online show breaking down NFL games through the use of Madden. GCN will operate all aspects of the tournament, including talent sourcing and operations.

Photo courtesy of GameSquare Holdings Inc.