Tetra Pak and The Walt Disney Co. are joining forces to bring Disney and MARVEL characters to popular milk drinks categories. Eighty Disney and MARVEL-inspired designs will be showcased on Coop's Qualité & Prix brand ambient white milk, fresh white milk, flavored milk, and protein drinks in beverage cartons in Switzerland.

This is the first Tetra Pak campaign to revitalize dairy categories with characters inspired by Disney and MARVEL, helping to make Coop products stand out for consumers in honor of Disney's 100th anniversary. 

“Together, we are dedicated to creating magical moments that families can enjoy while making smart choices that support their overall health and wellbeing," said Marc Becker Floris, General Manager of Consumer Products, Games and Publishing at Walt Disney Co. in Europe.

Cartons will feature a QR code enabling consumers to access fun and educational information highlighting the health benefits of dairy, while also engaging families and kids through the magic of Disney characters.

“It’s exciting to see our collaborative approach opening new opportunities for our customers. The campaign includes one of Switzerland’s largest retailer, Coop; Swiss dairy market leaders, Emmi Group and Cremo SA," stated Farahnaz Mohsenin, Project leader for Coop Disney collaboration at Tetra Pak. "This is yet another example of the benefits of teaming up with Tetra Pak. We are delighted to see this rollout over the next nine months, coinciding with Disney and Marvel movie release dates for maximum impact.”

“We understand how important dairy beverages are to shoppers and their families. We believe that by offering a wide range of dairy drink options, we can empower families to make healthier choices and create memorable mealtime experiences that support their overall health and wellness. Shoppers will be able to purchase products featuring the designs at Coop stores across Switzerland,” concluded Darko Stojanovic, purchasing product manager at Coop.