Alternative protein development company, Armored Fresh Technologies (AFT), said it has developed its own technology that can produce alternative proteins that replicates casein. The company showcased an alternative protein ice cream at the 2023 Consumer Electronic Show.

The company has applied its alternative protein to plant-based materials to create plant-based emulsifying proteins. As a result of this technology, AFT succeeded in attracting $1 million in seed investment at the same time as its U.S. subsidiary was established.

AFT stated it is developing materials and technologies to prepare for inevitable changes in our food culture, and to promote food sustainability, which is one of the most crucial factors in human life. Currently, the company is developing a technological process that can reproduce casein protein alternative. It anticipates the technology to develop casein protein alternative even with just water and oxygen.

According to AFT, the emulsified protein differs from existing plant-based proteins in terms of function and nutrition, as it is water-soluble, emulsified, and contains more than 50% of essential amino acids. It also has the advantage of not affecting the flavor profile when applied in any way, since the material itself has little taste and flavor, AFT stated.

"We are close to changes that we have never faced before, such as what we will eat in the future. That is why we are happy to introduce a plant-based emulsified protein without animal or GMO material. In particular, this raw material is easy to apply to all dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and powdered formula, so we expect it to be an opportunity to collaborate with leading global companies seeking transformation," said AFT's chief technology officer.