Beckhoff Automation says it is a provider of advanced and open automation products based on proven industrial technologies. Applications such as food and beverage processing, packaging, and end-of-line equipment can implement high-performance Beckhoff control systems, which are more efficient and lower in cost overall than traditional PLC and automation systems. Beckhoff also offers a broad range of stainless-steel automation equipment with IP65 and IP69K protection. As more companies in the dairy industry call for these robust solutions, Beckhoff is well-positioned today to support them. Beckhoff has a direct sales model for exceptional customer service and consultation.

952-890-0000; www.beckhoff.com/packaging



Cheer Pack N.A. says it partnered with SmartSeal to create a truly game-changing packaging solution: CheerPlus No-Spill spouted pouch with SmartSeal technology. This spill-proof security is great for all ages: Even squeezing the packaging will not allow the contents to leak out. The packaging is ideal for yogurt, juices, fruit purees, smoothies, energy drinks and specialty coffee drinks. The flip-top cap is convenient for one-hand opening and closing. Also, these flexible spouted pouches are easy to pack for “on-the-go” convenience; they are lightweight and sustainable and flatten once used.

508-927-7800; www.cheerpack.com



Evergreen Packaging says its PlantCarton packaging solutions offer consumers a package they can feel good about purchasing: Over 70% of every PlantCarton package is made with a renewable resource — paper. Pactiv Evergreen cartons are made from trees grown in forests where responsible forestry practices are used, so the overall rate of growth exceeds removal, and environmental impacts are minimized. About 55% of the energy used to make the paper in PlantCarton packaging comes from biomass, and the cartons are recyclable. Brands that package their products in PlantCarton packaging can take advantage of this great sustainability story.



Festo says it demonstrates its leadership in clean-design automation with the MPA-C (IP69K) valve terminal. The MPA-C can be applied in the harsh washdown environments found in dairies and related industries. Its rounded contours ensure cleanability to FSMA Title 21 guidelines. It features FDA-compliant housing and NSF-H1-Fett grease. It is among the highest corrosion-resistant products at Festo. The MPA-C brings automated control closer to pneumatic actuators for faster system response. The valve manifold can be mounted directly on a skid, filler, or packaging machine; simplifies installation; and lowers the cost of automation — no expensive control cabinet is required for the MPA-C.

800-963-3786; www.festo.com/us



The new PY2 series sanitary-level sensor from ifm Efector measures hydrostatic pressure of insulated tanks and silos using a robust ceramic capacitive cell technology. This is the first insulated tank solution on the market utilizing a ceramic cell that eliminates fragile metal diaphragms, which are prone to damage and potentially could leak fill fluid into your application. The PY2 also has digital IO-Link communication to allow for remote parameterization, sensor diagnostics, and a fully digital process measurement. Various process adaptations are available to connect to existing competitor weld-in shells, so no modifications to your tank are required, ifm Efector says.  

800-441-8246; www.ifm.com/us/en/us/learn-more/pressure/pm-py/technology



The iCinac analyzer from KPM Analytics is the only instrument designed specifically to monitor and analyze the acidification activity of lactic ferments in starter, functional, bio-protective, and probiotic cultures. It has the ability to test multiple samples simultaneously and provide the insight needed for precise development, test, and process control of fermentation ingredients. The appropriate inocula can be defined and controlled by characterizing the acid formation of a specific phylum and knowing the specific test parameters’ influence. Additionally, the iCinac meets ISO 26323|IDF 213, the industry standard for determining dairy cultures’ acidification activity by continuous pH measurement.

774-399-0500; www.kpmanalytics.com



According to LMI Packaging, PET die-cut lidding is becoming increasingly more popular and is a great alternative to foil die-cut lids and rollstock lidding. PET is just as aesthetically pleasing as foil die-cut lidding and is far more functional than traditional plastic rollstock lidding, and these lids do not tear when they are peeled. PET lidding is lighter in weight and offers a significantly reduced carbon footprint. Foil tends to be a significant contributor to carbon and fuel consumption. PET lidding is particularly suitable for dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt, and more.

262-947-3300; www.lmipackaging.com



Unsurpassed in performance, stability, reliability, maintainability, and cost of ownership, the MoistTech series of moisture analysis sensors can increase both the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process. Product quality and consistency were at the forefront with MoistTech in its development of the IR3000 sensor to accurately provide moisture measurements in milk powder throughout the process, yielding a consistent quality product from lab to line that immediately reduces downtime, wasted energy, and product loss. According to MoistTech, the installation of its on-line sensors prevents bad product due to undesirable moisture levels.

941-727-1800; www.moisttech.com



According to Nelson-Jameson, manufacturers can streamline their process recording needs with the Anderson-Negele paperless process recorder (PPR). This cloud-based recorder is able to meet all PMO requirements for accurate data tracking and can even replace up to four traditional recorders in some applications. The elimination of print arms, motors and other hardware used on traditional process recorders speeds up workflow and reduces downtime. By using Legendary cloud software to store all records in one place, sharing data within an organization has never been easier, as you can remotely and securely access your data anytime and anywhere.

800-826-8302; www.nelsonjameson.com/Paperless-Recorder-p62557.html



Schoeller Allibert says its Combo Excelsior Hybrid is a 265-gallon foldable, sustainable container solution for dairy, creams, sauces, syrups, juices, and many other liquid food and beverage products and ingredients that need to be packed, stored, and shipped in bulk. This reusable container, which can be stacked five high when full, can replace "single-use" drums and bottle-in-cage totes, which traditionally are filled and shipped only one way to the end-user, but not returned back to the filler/processor to be used again. The Combo Excelsior Hybrid can be filled, shipped, folded, and efficiently returned back to the filler/processor to be used repeatedly for up to 15 years.

623-889-7970; www.schoellerallibert.com/us



Stanpac says it is excited to introduce the newest evolution of its popular refillable glass bottles with a twist-off tamper-evident cap and threaded neck. This packaging is an excellent option for beverages, including dairy products, cold-pressed juices, and still water. The threaded neck and tamper-evident caps are well suited to products with a longer shelf life, making this a great option for fresh salad dressings, sauces, powdered products as well as beverages for the on-the-go consumer. The bottles are available in 12-ounce, 16-ounce squat, and 16-ounce tall formats.

905-957-3326; www.stanpacnet.com