Berry Global says it offers beautiful branding without minimum order quantities. As consumer packaging demand rapidly changes and evolves, it’s crucial for processors to be able to rapidly change their decorations to differentiate at the shelf. Digital printing is a brand-new technology for lids used to seal rigid containers and provides an optimal branding solution. Digital printing can eliminate minimum order quantities to satisfy demand, significantly reduce artwork turnaround time without printing plates, and increase decoration space with a larger printable surface area. Digital printing gives companies the flexibility that they need for today’s environment, while beautifully showcasing their brands on the shelf.





Stanpac says it introduced the newest evolution of its popular refillable glass bottles, now available with a twist-off tamper-evident cap and a threaded neck. Stanpac took its refillable bottles — in 12-ounce, 16-ounce squat and 16-ounce tall sizes — and redesigned them to include a threaded neck. Additionally, the twist-off tamper-evident closure is important for maintaining the quality and integrity of the product. This innovative packaging is convenient for the busy consumer who is always on the go. Much like their predecessors, these glass bottles are fully recyclable and refillable.





Weidenhammer says it was created with a singular focus of providing 100% metal-free packaging solutions for bulk ice cream producers. This dedicated effort has resulted in the safe, easy-to-maintain machines that support customer in-plant forming of drums, which are ready to fill for products from 1.5-gallon to 5-gallon sizes. The family of products now covers the spectrum of fill-speed alignment between two and 15 drums per minute from the portfolio of machines, including CSM-2, CSM-6, CSM-12, CSM-15 auto and APD auto, which is the world’s only all-paper drum.