LALA U.S. is introducing authentic licuados — traditional Mexican breakfast smoothies containing milk, fruit and oats — to dairy cases in Walmart and Hispanic-specialty grocers in July.

“LALA Licuados are the perfect way to start your morning,” says Matt Okeson, head of marketing and research and development for LALA U.S.  “With the goodness of oats, real milk, and a blend of real fruits, LALA Licuados are a Hispanic breakfast standard in a convenient ready-to-drink format.”

Okeson explains that Licuados are a classic Mexican beverage, serving as a quick nutritious and delicious breakfast at home or more commonly on the run where people stop for one at juice and licuado stands. Licuados are blended like smoothies but not as thick. 

The new LALA Licuados are available in three flavors: Papaya, Mango-Carrot,and Vanilla Honey. Each bottle features 8 grams of protein and is a good source of fiber and vitamins A&D, the company says.

“Our focus is to create a traditional breakfast offering with LALA® Licuados,”Okeson says. “Consumers are increasingly seeking nutritious and high-quality products that maintain the customs of their families.”

Additionally, the Mango-Carrot flavor was honored as the “Most Innovative Cultured Dairy Prototype Flavor” during the International Dairy Foods Association’s Innovative Cultured Dairy Product competitions earlier this year.

The launch of the LALA Licuados is the latest in a series of new cheese and dairy products offered by the Dallas, Texas-based company, each featuring the authentic taste of Mexican kitchens. Recent new additions include dessert yogurt smoothies and fruit and crema desserts. Within the last year, the company added three traditional Mexican cheeses to its line-up of yogurt smoothies, yogurts, Mexican crema and milk.