Westby, Wis.-based Westby Cooperative Creamery says it introduced an all-natural sour cream squeezable pouch to its retail line of dairy products. It is available in select grocery stores starting this month.

“Consumer needs and preferences are ever changing, and this new product — sour cream in a pouch — addresses two key trends: convenience and cleanliness,” says Emily Bialkowski, sales and marketing manager. “This project also provides another layer of security for our farmers, who need a consistent place to send their milk.”

The project began in 2018 when the creamery sought new ways to increase its sour cream sales. The squeezable sour cream pouch checked all of the necessary boxes, the company says. Not only will it drive sales, but it also allows the creamery to compete with other well-known brands. The creamery expects to increase sour cream sales by 3,000,000 pounds annually, and as a result, will add four jobs.

Benefits of the pouch for the consumer include less product waste, less mess with no need to use utensils to dispense the product, portion control, and space savings in refrigerators due to the pouch’s easy stand-up design. Innovation is crucial to remain relevant in the food industry — especially for a small dairy cooperative such as Westby Creamery, the company says.

“We have to be willing to try new products and techniques,” Ryan O’Donnell, creamery plant manager, says. “It’s what will keep us around for many years.”