Salinas, Calif-based Naturipe, a global producer of nutritious berries for more than 100 years, says it is launching new berry parfaits featuring Chobani yogurt and Naturipe fresh berries — with thoughtful packaging designed for consumers on-the-go.

"At Naturipe, we pride ourselves on our 100-year history of bringing all your favorite fresh, great-tasting berries, and we wanted a partner that held our same high standards for freshness and quality," says Steven Ware, vice president and general manager of Naturipe's Value Added Company.  "Not only is Chobani an industry leader — their values, which focus on nutritional, social and environmental wellness, align perfectly with Naturipe's core principles."

Naturipe and Norwich, N.Y.-based Chobani designed these satisfying parfaits with grab-and-go snacking in mind, perfect for families on the go this summer or people returning to the office. The specially designed packaging serves as the ideal container to mix each component without compromising the freshness of the berries and the crunch of the granola, Naturipe says.

According to Naturipe, each 6-ounce berry parfait contains fresh Naturipe blueberries, Chobani Greek yogurt and granola and serves as the perfect snack-sized option for those craving a sweet and wholesome treat. The offerings are available in two flavors: Doubleberry Crunch featuring fresh Naturipe blueberries, Chobani's nonfat strawberry Greek yogurt and granola; or Vanilla Crunch containing fresh Naturipe blueberries, Chobani's nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt and granola. Each Berry Parfait provides 10 grams of protein and is under 170 calories.