Belfonte Ice Cream & Dairy Foods Co., Kansas City, Mo., says it introduced new packaging featuring color-coded lids and five new flavors. Belfonte packaging now reflects the line of ice cream inside: Belfonte Classic, Belfonte Purely Premium and Belfonte Loaded Premium.

Along with already existing Classic flavors, Belfonte says it added two new varieties to the line at the end of March — Green Mint Cookie and Chocolate Cookies' N Cream. Belfonte Classics are now in a container with an easy-to-replace silver-rimmed lid.

Belfonte says its Purely Premium flavors now come in containers with a blue-rimmed lid and its Loaded Premium flavors now feature gold-rimmed tops. Three new flavors include Coffee, created through a partnership with The Roasterie — a hometown favorite coffee roaster —and featuring its signature house blend of espresso flavor; KC Kingdom Crunch, created to honor Kansas City’s football team and featuring chocolate malt ice cream with caramel swirl and crispy chocolate pieces; and Brownie Extreme, which was created by a Kansas City fan in Belfonte's 2020 ice cream contest. The flavor is rich chocolate ice cream swirled with caramel and loaded with chocolate chip brownies.

"We know the choices in a freezer case can be overwhelming for consumers," says Joe Calabrese, general manager of Belfonte. "We want to make it easy for Belfonte fans to identify and select their favorite flavors for a faster shopping experience."