Coperion says its K-Tron line of bag-dump stations with glove box and optional feeder assembly are ideal for the hygienic transfer and/or conveying of probiotics. The assembly can be used to accurately dose or transfer delicate probiotics directly into a mixer or packaging line without contamination from the outside environment. The system features a completely sanitary design to maintain the efficiency and safety of the probiotic at all times. Coperion K-Tron offers two different system types for both gain-in-weight and loss-in-weight batching and transfer applications. Whether batching or continuous feeding, the Coperion K-Tron systems group can supply complete integrated systems, including ancillary products, for a one-source supply.





Evergreen Packaging Equipment says its new EH-84 half-gallon gable top machine is designed to meet the needs of dairy, juice and liquid food markets. It handles fill volumes of 40 ounces up to 2 liters, at speeds up to 8,400 cartons per hour. Servo-driven technology provides repeatable package performance and controls fill volumes and profiles. Infinite fill capability allows for less downtime with quick changeovers. The EH-84 has a high visibility of machine operation and easily accessible areas, reducing maintenance time. Shelf-life features include self-contained clean-in-place/sterilization-in-place, environmental control, carton decontamination and a hermetic fill system.





Fogg Filler says it is one of the pioneers in the dairy industry. Throughout the company’s experience, it has heard the dairy industry’s concerns of foaming, possible flavor change, splashing and spillage, and extended shelf life. Fogg has fillers to overcome these issues with ease. Fogg created a dairy valve to extract the foam while filling. Its small transfer ratio ensures smooth transfer to avoid spilling and splashing to increase sanitation and improve efficiencies. As always, shelf life is a concern. Fogg has full extended-shelf-life packages to address these concerns. Fogg also offers an LT line for the more cost-conscious buyer.





Recently introduced, GEA’s Whitebloc filling system Aero is an efficient, water rinse-free hydrogen-peroxide-based decontamination technology for extended-shelf-life beverages distributed in plastic bottles. It combines reliable decontamination with great operational flexibility. Using a two-phase starwheel-based process, bottles enter the treatment carousel and are sprayed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then they are flushed with hot, sterile air. This activates the hydrogen peroxide and purges out any peroxides until the required decontamination level has been reached. The system offers up to a 3-log decontamination target reduction, GEA says.





Hart Design & Manufacturing says it now offers equipment optimized for customers getting started in the market. The HCC-25 (for cream cheese) and HPC-25 (for process cheese) models produce filled, sealed packages (pouches in cartons) at rates up to 25 pouches per minute. Modern systems with touchscreen controls, the HCC/HPC-25 models automatically produce pouches from roll stock and precisely fill, seal and discharge packages. Designed to CE/USDA standards, the sanitary equipment features easy “plug-and-play” setup with minimal maintenance. Achieve accurate results with the HCC/HPC-25 or one of Hart’s high-speed filling and packaging lines. Manufacturers may contact Hart to find the best style for their needs.





IMA Dairy & Food says its new EFS-L, a format-flexible indexing platform for pre-formed cups, utilizes new technology to enhance the available options, ease of operation and maintenance procedures. Modular in design with stainless-steel construction and servo operations, the EFS-L allows for flexibility with filling stations for both pre-fill and post-fill for wet or dry ingredients. It has a chainless solution for cup transportation that enables format flexibility and precision index positioning throughout the machine. The platform is built to meet ultra-clean standards, as well as the efficiency needs for cups and heat-seal and re-closable lids.





According to Krones USA, the Contipure AseptBloc DN is an FDA-approved bloc for the aseptic blow molding and filling of PET containers for sterile low-acid foods to be stored and distributed at ambient temperature conditions. The all-around treatment sterilizes the preform and closure with gaseous hydrogen peroxide. Blow molding, filling and capping modules are enclosed in a simple aseptic environment. The bloc has an output of up to 55,200 containers per hour. It handles parts changeover at the filler, and the capper can be performed up to a defined output without any manual interference. There are no pre-defined production time limits, and the system can be automatically cleaned and sterilized in less than 2.5 hours.





ProMach says its Matrix brand Elete Premier has a high-washdown design — helping cheese packagers of all sizes and individual needs increase uptime, decrease waste and improve overall efficiency. The machines in ProMach’s Elete series are rated at cycle speeds up to 130 bags per minute. Bag sizes range from a minimum of 3 inches to 8 inches wide and 3 inches to 20 inches long. The Elite Premier competitively priced vertical form-fill-seal machine is ultra-heavy duty for a long service life. It features a stainless-steel extreme-duty welded frame. Available options include a load shelf for heavier bags, a flat bottom and gusset tucker attachments, a gas flushing system for modified atmosphere packaging applications and more.





Sawvel Automation’s Model # 111-tf automatic inline time filler fills jars with ice cream or gelato, handling sizes ranging from 5 ounces to 32 ounces. The base model can operate at speeds between 20 and 50 jars per minute, depending on the size of the dose. Faster configurations are available. The filler features a single conveyor with stop gates for container indexing, with the gates controlled by the time fill system; a 2-inch Sawvel telescopic fill valve; electronic time fill controls; SMC solenoid-operated air valves; an Allen Bradley programmable logic controller for machine logic control; and more. All controls are mounted in a large stainless-steel enclosure with a NEMA 4X rating, Sawvel says.