To help food brands provide consumers with edible solutions to their everyday stress, NZMP, a dairy ingredient solutions brand of global dairy company Fonterra, says it launched milk phospholipids in the U.S. market. Naturally present in milk, these complex lipids are clinically proven to help manage the effects of stress and to allow consumers to stay focused and positive under stress. Made from non-GMO, rBST-free milk from grass-fed New Zealand cows, NZMP milk phospholipids are high in beneficial whey protein, which supports muscle build and recovery and is low in both lactose and sugar content. This clean-tasting dairy solution is suitable for delivering multifunctional benefits to many food and beverage products.





Shimadzu Scientific Instruments says it introduced the TOC-1000e online total organic carbon analyzer, which provides high sensitivity and low detection limits — making it ideal for industries requiring high-purity water. The TOC-1000e analyzer is the industry’s first to use a mercury-free excimer lamp in the smallest and lightest casing available. This new Shimadzu technology achieves both high measurement and high environmental performance. Additional features include a smart user interface and a large touch-panel screen that provide exceptional visibility and operability. The TOC-1000e can output data to a USB flash drive in text or PDF format. By connecting the analyzer to a network, users can check results remotely from a web browser without the need for special software.





Spiroflow says its bulk bag filler is ideal for manufacturers with powdered milk in their product lines. Since the milk and dairy products are dried, the powder aeration typically makes it hard to achieve maximum densification in the bag during filling. However, Spiroflow’s offering achieves industry-leading densification of the product — meaning that more product is in the bag and that storage and shipping costs can be reduced. The bag filler now also can include nitrogen purging, which significantly extends the milk powder storage life in the bag. The bag filler comes with a lance that purges the bag with nitrogen and removes the oxygen.





From simple hinges for welding on to multi-joint hinges with complex kinematics, J.W. Winco says its selection has everything needed for superior door and flap solutions, including extra functions. For heavy-duty applications, it offers hinge GN 237.3 — a compact stainless-steel hinge. With a 180-degree range of motion, this hinge can stand up to even high dynamic wear — regardless of the mounting orientation — thanks to special shim washers. The hinge series GN 235, on the other hand, can be mounted with socket head cap screws and still swivels by 180 degrees without collision. Horizontal and vertical slots simplify adjustment, and the hole pattern corresponds to existing hole arrangements, making it easier to replace existing hinges. J.W. Winco offers many other hinges to fit specific needs.