Coperion says its K-Tron Scale Hopper is used for accurate weighing of ingredients before mixing. Material can be delivered to the scale hopper by a closed-loop vacuum or pressure Aeropass system.

The inlet is equipped with a tangential entry baffle, which mates to an Aeropass valve. It provides better material air separation and more even filling of the hopper. The hopper features three support lugs, which can be used to suspend it from load cells. Additional features include a filtered vent with a check valve, a coupling to accommodate a high/low level control and a discharge flange to match a knife or butterfly gate valve.




Filtec says its Intellect pack inspection solution automatically detects both missing and partially filled packs, then documents and removes the partially filled packs from the line prior to shipment to prevent them from reaching the consumer. This quality assurance inspection technology operates at the final point on the line, where the product reaches its highest value-add in the process. Intellect pack-inspects glass, plastic or can containers to help avoid costly returns and potential product contamination. The capabilities of this comprehensive inspection solution include detecting missing containers, grossly underfilled containers, broken containers, displaced containers and leaking containers. An intuitive operator display provides the unique ability to “see inside” cases, crates and shrink packs to give a clear inspection image of each pack.





Kusel says it has manufactured high-quality cheesemaking equipment that’s built to perform and last since the 1800s. According to the company, that’s why large-scale industry leaders, small artisanal cheesemakers and everyone in between trust Kusel. Manufacturers can always count on Kusel with its complete line of equipment and the ingenuity and knowhow to create specific solutions to meet exacting standards.





Multi-Conveyor says it recently integrated the ModSort technology by System Plast into several conveyor systems. The ModSort uses a System Plast roller-top belt with spheres on 1-inch centers that provide the capability of omnidirectional control of products being transported. The roller top belt is powered by a 24-VDC motorized driven roller in direction of travel, while a divert belt with similar drive is located below the spheres and runs perpendicular to the top belt in either direction. The result is the ability to combine the two belt motions to create a divert on the fly for the product at a designated vector angle left or right. Additionally, if the roller top belt is stopped, the product can be diverted at 90 degrees.





Profile Food Ingredients (PFI) says it is introducing its latest product line for traditional and nontraditional frozen dessert applications. Many vegan and keto products in the frozen dessert market tend to have issues providing the stability, consistency of texture and mouthfeel of traditional dairy frozen desserts. PFI’s latest product line helps enhance the creamy texture of nontraditional offerings to better mimic the qualities of traditional frozen desserts. In addition, PFI’s stabilizer/emulsifier combinations protect the finished product from temperature abuse resulting from fluctuations during transportation or while in the store freezer. The new product line is clean-label, GMO-free and allergen-free.