Babybel, a brand of Chicago-based Bel Brands USA Inc., said it will introduce a range of functional dairy snacks this February in two varieties: Babybel Plus+ Probiotic and Babybel Plus+ Vitamins.

According to the company, since the impact of the coronavirus took hold in the United States, family snack habits have shifted. From all-day snacking and indulgences in the early months of stay-at-home orders to a growing emphasis on health and wellness heading into 2021, brands are answering the changing needs. In fact, sales of products with probiotic or prebiotic claims were up +14% in 2020 vs. the prior year.

Bel Brands said Babybel Plus+ Probiotic contains billions of live and active cultures of the LGG probiotics strain, with evidence to suggest immune health benefits when consumed as a part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Babybel Plus+ Vitamins is a good source of Vitamins A and B12, which are known to support eye health and metabolism, respectively.

"We're excited to plus up the goodness of Babybel with an extension that offers families an easy way to get the added nutrients they are looking for in the same playful format they love," said Melanie Nemoy, brand director for Babybel USA. "Both variants also provide a good source of calcium and protein, contributing further to the small ways consumers can support their overall wellness this year."

Like all other Babybel products, Babybel Plus+ also contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Babybel Plus+ Probiotic and Babybel Plus+ Vitamins are available in six-count packages with a suggested retail price of $4.49, Bel Brands said.