Portland, Ore.-based Wheyward Spirit launched a sustainably sourced whey spirit. The company said it services small farms by sourcing only from domestic dairies that create the spirit’s signature flavor of oaky hints of vanilla cream and warm spice notes, rounded with a subtle pear aroma.

“The feedback from mixologists has been incredible, and the creativity in cocktails developed has been exciting to see. We like to say curiosity is what gets people to try Wheyward Spirit, but our quality is what makes you a believer in our product and supporter of our mission,” stated Emily Darchuk, founder and CEO of Wheyward Spirit. Darchuk was mentored by Stonyfield Farm’s co-founder Gary Hirshberg.  

Wheyward Spirit said its whey-based spirit comes in a 750-milliter bottle with a suggested retail price of $56.99. It is available in select retail stores in California and is able to ship to 31 states.