With the bioengineered (BE) labeling requirements set to take effect in January 2022, Agropur Ingredients Custom Solutions group says it added several products to the Capstone line for use in cheese conversion. Potato starch, tapioca starch, identity-preserved cornstarch, cellulose and alternative fibers are all options that can be blended to deliver a customized solution to address BE labeling without compromising consistent flow, low dusting and superior mold inhibition. Blends are offered in bags or totes to fit equipment needs. Contact Agropur for samples — customizable to cheese type — process requirements and quality specifications.

800-359-2345; https://www.agropur.com/us/ingredients/branded-ingredients/capstone-anti-caking-agents




Thistlezyme is a 100% thistle rennet extraction produced by Enzyme Development Corp. at its factory in Scranton, Pa. It is kosher (Kof-K) and halal (IFANCA) certified. The powder and the liquid versions have standardized activities. With consistent enzyme activity from lot to lot, the guesswork regarding the potency of the enzyme is removed, so the cheesemaker can concentrate on the variables within the milk and not worry about the activity of the rennet. Thistlezyme is also non-GMO and meets the USDA organic requirements. It is a true vegetarian rennet that can produce cheeses with unique flavors and textures, Enzyme Development Corp. says.

212-736-1580 ext. 247; www.Thistlerennet.com




Situated in America’s Dairyland, First Choice Ingredients has been manufacturing natural dairy ingredients for over 25 years. The company says it recently introduced a newly improved product: butter 111504P. Butter 111504P is naturally derived through proprietary fermentation technologies and provides five times the flavor impact compared to commodity butter. This innovative butter fits into an array of cheese based-applications, including sauces, dips and spreads, as well as other applications such as baked goods and confections. And the label is as clean as it gets: “butter.”

262-251-4322; www.firstchoiceingredients.com/




Gamay Food Ingredients says it understands finding the right application-specific solution means more than imparting the right dairy note. The trend for transparent labeling with uncomplicated ingredient statements has become a consumer expectation. That’s why Gamay has developed a wide variety of cheese concentrates for clean-label applications. These high-intensity ingredients impart true-to-source flavor. In addition to creating an expanding portfolio of innovative dairy flavor ingredients, Gamay is committed to working directly with customers to identify and develop customized solutions to meet a variety of application, flavor and regulatory needs.

262-789-5104; www.gamayfoods.com




Milk Specialties Global says its CasPRO ingredient is a superior micellar casein that achieves exceptional functionality for a variety of cheese applications. It’s produced from fresh skimmed milk using microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes that allow whey protein, lactose and soluble minerals to pass through the membranes while retaining the native micellar casein. This alters the typical casein-to-whey ratio of 80:20 to a ratio of 92:8. The functionality of CasPRO is similar to milk protein concentrate; however, with most whey proteins removed, the ingredient has less whey flavor, better heat stability, and increased emulsion capability and stability. This makes it a perfect ingredient for ultra-high-temperature and retort applications.

952-942-7310; www.milkspecialties.com




Nelson-Jameson says it offers DSM’s new cheese culture: DelvoCheese CP-500. The culture helps processors that are looking to convert mozzarella cheese while still maintaining a firm, consistent texture that is easy to process. It also offers a high moisture level that increases yield and, therefore, profitability. DelvoCheese CP-500 consists of four phage-robust rotations — working with DSM’s fermentation-produced chymosin, MaxirenXDS, to create a new standard in cheese yield. It increases customers’ yield while retaining or even improving the pizza-eating experience, thanks to outstanding stretch and meltability.

800-826-8302; www.nelsonjameson.com