As part of its series of new innovations for 2020, Danone North America, White Plains, N.Y., said it added two yogurt lines under its Oikos brand: Oikos Greek yogurt with almond butter and Oikos sweetened with honey-maple.

Oikos Greek yogurt with almond butter is a combination of whole-milk yogurt blended with rich almond butter. Each cup has 13 grams of protein for an incredibly smooth, creamy and tasty snack combination, Danone said.

Varieties include Almond Butter with Coconut, Almond Butter with Berries, Almond Butter with Maple Cinnamon, Almond Butter with Vanilla, and Almond Butter with Sweetened Plain. According to Danone, each 5.3-ounce cup has a suggested retail price of $1.79.

Oikos sweetened with honey-maple is a thick and creamy yogurt sweetened with natural sugars and flavorings. With no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, its subtle flavor profile is perfect to enhance any food creation, smoothie or be enjoyed by itself. Danone said the line comes in Honey Sweetened Plain, Honey Sweetened Vanilla, Maple Sweetened Plain and Maple Sweetened Vanilla flavors. The suggested retail price is $1.19 for single-serve (5.3-ounce) cups or $5.99 for quarts.