Amelia Bay offers brewed tea that is clean, cost-effective and easy to use. The company said it brews with the finest quality tea leaves using advanced technology and expertise to create beverages consumers will love. All Amelia Bay brewed teas are blended, brewed and formulated in John’s Creek, Ga. Plus, Amelia Bay’s technological expertise allows brands to offer a clean label and make label claims such as natural-brewed, non-GMO and organic.




BASF said its Prebilac 2’-FL is designed by mothers, backed by science and commercialized by BASF. It is the newest prebiotic expanding the market from infants to adults. Research has shown that 2’-FL supports the development of a healthy gut and immune system, protects against allergies and plays a role in the development of brain function in early life and beyond. Highly versatile Prebilac 2’-FL can be used in various formats in supplements, beverages and foods. The solid scientific foundation, uncompromised safety, quality and reliable supply of BASF Prebilac 2’-FL make it truly unique.




Beneo Inc. said consumers want great taste as well as functional benefits from their dairy alternative beverages. The company offers a dairy alternative drink that gives a healthy start to the day. The almond chocolate beverage uses Beneo’s Palatinose and the natural chicory root fiber Orafti Inulin; it supports balanced blood sugar levels and provides extra fiber. The chocolate flavor pairs perfectly with the included almond, resulting in a mild, sweet taste and pleasant mouthfeel.




BI Nutraceuticals said dietary nitrate has recently gained popularity in the sports nutrition segment. It is said to help with endurance, muscle power and recovery. Although beet root is the most well-known nitrate-containing food, arugula contains the highest amount of nitrates. BI’s new high-nitrate arugula powder contains 3.5%-4.5% nitrate, which is at least seven times the nitrate content found in beet juice. The powder undergoes stringent quality analysis that includes heavy metal, pesticide and Identilok — BI’s species identification process with DNA verification — to guarantee the highest levels of product purity, authenticity and cleanliness.




Blue California’s Good & Sweet is a Reb-A 99% natural stevia sweetener. It is 400 times sweeter than sugar and contains no calories. Good & Sweet is an ingredient that is perfect for a variety of food and beverage applications, the company said.




Blue Pacific said it developed its PurePlant portfolio of non-GMO natural flavors and flavor modifiers to assist formulators in creating nondairy products with lower sugar and higher amounts of plant protein. For nondairy applications, the flavor-delivery systems provide authentic dairy taste and rheology to nondairy grain or nut beverages, as well as nondairy Greek yogurts. The flavors also can be used to improve nonfat dairy products, including milk.




Del Carmen Foods Inc. said its gently pasteurized fruit and vegetable purees are good choices for beverage applications. The company’s gently pasteurized mango puree not-from-concentrate is growing in popularity in the healthy food segment as a result of its nutritional content, fresh flavor profile, texture and color.




DDW said its Naturbrown ingredients and Specialty Dark caramels provide simple-label brown color options for chocolate milk and instant protein mixes. Naturbrown ingredients are created by cooking fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and can be labeled simply as “cooked (fruit) juice.” They can be added to ready-to-drink beverage applications or powdered mixes for golden to dark red-brown colors. Specialty Dark Class I caramels provide dark reddish-brown to chocolate-brown hues that are up to three times darker than traditional Class I caramel colors. They can be used to replace some Class III and single-strength class IV caramel colors and are very stable in beverages above a pH of 3.0.




Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate offers its Gerkens line of smooth, finely ground cocoa powders, which it said are the perfect match for dairy applications. The cocoa powders provide consistent performance, which is made possible due to tight microbiological controls. With a broad spectrum of cocoa powders from which to choose, dairy manufacturers can achieve the exact chocolatey color and flavor profile they are looking for in beverages.




CP Kelco said its GENU Pectin protects proteins in acidified dairy and plant-protein-based offerings. It stabilizes products by preventing proteins from aggregating during heat treatment; this leads to a smooth mouthfeel and no serum separation for the duration of shelf life. GENU Pectin also performs well with live and active cultures, making it desirable for consumers seeking a healthier diet and natural ingredients.




From the blue shade of spirulina to the blueberry/raspberry shade of purple carrot, Diana Food’s portfolio of organic colors and customized organic blends brings bright, stable color to a wide variety of dairy applications. Diana Food said what differentiates its organic color solutions is its dedication to full traceability from farm to finished product. It’s made possible by its team of agronomists, who work closely with seed developers and farmers to select only the best nature has to offer.




Doehler North America said plant-based products often are lacking in protein, minerals and vitamins in comparison to cow’s milk. This is why it developed a concept called “Nutrimil,” which has the same nutritional profile as cow’s milk, but is dairy- and lactose-free. Furthermore, Nutrimil has a protein composition with a high biological value and is a plant-based source of calcium and iodine. With Nutrimil, plant-based drinks are no longer a milk substitute, but another option for healthy nutrition.




Finlays said it combines its rich history as a producer of tea, coffee and botanical extracts with tradition and innovation to create differentiated products and targeted solutions that its customers want. As a producer and supplier of high-quality coffee extract and cold-brew coffee solutions, Finlays harnesses new technologies to generate revolutionary ideas for the food, beverage and dairy industries.




Farbest Brands’ low-sodium pea protein isolate offers 80% protein on a dry basis and is an ideal emulsifier for nondairy milk products such as nut “milks,” coconut-based products and “oatmilk.” Its smooth and creamy texture can enhance beverage taste profiles without the need for additional masking agents and can be used to boost protein content. The low-sodium pea protein isolate is vegan, natural and non-GMO Project Verified. It is produced via fermentation, Farbest said. 




Flavorchem Corp. introduced its natural vanilla extract enhancers in response to recent soaring vanilla prices. The enhancers contain real vanilla and can be used to simulate, replace or enhance the performance of pure vanilla extract. They offer an authentic taste, supply stability and consistent quality. The offerings are organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and ideal for dairy and beverage applications, including plant-based alternative milks.




FrieslandCampina Ingredients North America introduced Nutri Whey
Isolate Clear — a minimally processed ingredient derived from the high-quality whey of Dutch-type cheeses, which gives it a clean, neutral flavor and aroma. It is gently heat-treated, and a combination of proprietary filtration technologies is used to preserve protein quality and nutritional integrity. FrieslandCampina said the ingredient is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which makes it a premium ingredient for performance nutrition clear beverages. Nutri Whey Isolate Clear is produced from rBST-free milk from grass-fed cows. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, meeting consumers’ demand for label-friendly ingredients.




GNT Group said its Exberry line is a clean-label color solution for innovations in dairy and dairy alternatives. Exberry’s colors are made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants using a physical manufacturing process and water. The best Exberry colors for refrigerated dairy and nondairy applications are “Fiesta Pink,” Celestial Yellow” and “Brilliant Orange.” These colors are derived from beets, carrots and paprika and will deliver stable vibrant hues of pink, yellow and orange. When using natural colors from fruits and vegetables, it’s important to optimize pH, temperature, shear rate, fat content, and/or storage conditions. GNT’s food scientists can support processors with formulation development.




According to Ingredion Inc., for years, many consumers have been choosing between the taste of sugar and their desire to reduce sugar content in their diets. The company’s Astraea allulose helps solve this problem; it is a rare sweetener that is 70% as sweet as sugar and provides similar mouthfeel and bulking. With only 0.4 calorie per gram, Astraea allulose creates consumer-winning indulgences with better-for-you appeal. The offering also is excluded from total and added sugar values on Nutritional Facts labels. Allulose works synergistically with stevia to replace up to 100% of sugar while keeping great taste.




iTi Tropicals said its coconut cream makes a perfect replacement for dairy products because of its smooth and creamy texture. Coconut cream has many versatile uses, ranging from coconut-based beverages and nondairy creamers to cream-based sauces. Currently, the innovation team at iTi Tropicals is developing a nondairy drinkable yogurt. The base of this yogurt is coconut cream with the addition of various fruit purees.




Jungbunzlauer said sodium gluconate is an effective flavor ingredient with modifying properties commonly used to suppress the bitterness in a wide variety of products, including high-intensity sweeteners (HIS) such as stevia, polyphenols and minerals. Additionally, it can mask off-notes from HIS, plant-based proteins and colors. As dairy alternative products continue to grow, masking off-notes from plant-based proteins and phytochemicals will remain important. Sodium gluconate can be used to reduce beany off-notes, bitterness and astringency of plant-based products. The offering is Non-GMO Project Verified and is manufactured by fermentation.




Kerry said its functional oat technology addresses many of the pain points associated with formulating plant-based products, including masking the bitterness of whole grain and improving the overall sensory experience of products. Its reduced particle size delivers an improved mouthfeel with less chalkiness or grit; it comes in a powder format delivering formulating benefits. As the offering is made from whole-grain oat flour, it has clean-label and nutritional benefits. This versatile, functional offering has no added sugar and can be used in beverage, cultured and frozen applications that are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and dairy-free. It also complements dairy in a range of applications targeting the growing flexitarian consumer trend.




Nexira said its Thixogum G is a unique combination of acacia and gellan gums. Encapsulating the gellan gum with acacia gum makes Thixogum G easier to dose, disperse and solubilize than gellan gum alone. Thixogum G is a clean-label alternative to traditional emulsifier and stabilizer systems. It is a perfect stabilizer for dairy alternatives or dairy-free coffee creamers. With its excellent suspension properties, Thixogum G can be used in beverages made up of insoluble compounds to suspend particles (e.g., in fruit juices to maintain a homogenous suspension of the fruit pulp). Thixogum G is suitable in vegan and sugar-free formulations.

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PepTech Collagen Inc. — which conducts its global sales and marketing activities through sister company InterGanics — created a new model for the collagen production process end-to-end, from raw material acquisition through processing and packaging. The result is a new high-purity product: PeptPure Collagen Peptides. The production process is all-mechanical and does not use harsh chemicals. Other unique new steps in the process minimize molecular distribution variation while achieving optimal purification, natural collagen color, neutral taste and uniform particle distribution for optimal solubility, the companies said.




According to Tree Top Fruit Ingredients, consumers across all demographics are looking for fruit flavors in dairy and plant-based beverages. Strawberry, mango, blueberry, peach, banana and passion fruit are topping the new product introductions utilizing fruit. Mango can be challenging in beverage applications because of the high solids content present in the fruit. In response to this formulation challenge, the juice solution specialists at Northwest Naturals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tree Top, developed a clarified mango juice concentrate with 88% clarity transmittance at 625 nanometers at 13 brix. Mango clarified at 65 brix is available in 471-pound drum. 




Sensient Food Colors’ broad range of organic color solutions fulfills the demand for a rainbow of natural colors that meet the most stringent standards for USDA Certified Organic dairy and nondairy products. Sourced from pure raw materials, the offerings deliver the brightest colors nature has to offer, Sensient said. The shades are perfect for dairy and dairy alternative beverage applications, including drinkable yogurts, flavored milks and more.




SweeGen’s Bestevia Taste Solutions deliver the sweetness profile and mouthfeel of sugar in sugar-reduced beverages. The company said the solutions are made with next-generation non-GMO stevia sweeteners, enhanced with its creative building blocks to provide custom-blend solutions for consumer-preferred products. It has solutions for maximum sugar reduction that still maintain the great taste consumers have come to love.




Synergy Flavors Inc., a supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food and beverage industry, recently launched Dairy by Nature. This portfolio of dairy solutions combines all-natural flavor extraction and creation expertise with the proprietary dairy technology of its parent company, Carbery. By understanding the taste and functional attributes of dairy ingredients, Synergy’s food scientists help enhance dairy indulgence and cleanly build it back in products. The company creates custom solutions that meet consumer demand for dairy-based and plant-based ingredients. In sync with Synergy Flavors’ commitment to a sustainable, responsible business model, the Dairy by Nature portfolio is born from nature.




U. S. Highbush Blueberry Council said the healthy nutritional profile, positive image and ease of formulation make blueberries a popular value-added ingredient in many beverage categories, including blueberry tea, smoothies, pourable yogurts, drinkable desserts, juice drinks and sports beverages. Year-round availability of multiple formats, including fresh, frozen, individually quick frozen, purees and osmotically preserved, means ease of innovation and natural fortification. Blueberry color and texture add mouthfeel interest with fruity burst-in-the-mouth flavor and fit healthy diets from low carb to low fat.