Advanced Detection Systems said its ProScan Max III pipeline metal detection system is ideal for ice cream and soft cheese applications. The company’s focus on today’s stringent food safety regulations is reflected in several standard features, including administrator-assigned user names and log-in levels allowing Max III users to abide by user identity requirements, data logger access through a downloadable thumb drive, a running list of recent detection history visible from the menu, and flexible automatic-reject timing to ensure a reliable detect-and-reject process.

414-672-0553; www.adsdetection.com




Anritsu said its X275 advanced X-ray system may help brands protect against recalls. The system detects contaminants as small as 0.4 millimeter. Optimized for low total cost of ownership, the technology increases major component lifetime by 300%. The XR75 also provides standard features of missing product detection, shape detection, virtual weight, count and package check. All Anritsu X-ray systems come standard with high-definition imaging, which enables the best detection of metals, glass, stones, bones and other dense contaminants. Anritsu offers economy and high-performance systems for a broad range of applications and budgets.  

847-419-9729; www.anritsu.com/infivis




Eriez introduced two metal detector and magnetic separation systems to meet dairy customers’ requirements for protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. These powerful and compact systems provide cost-saving benefits and ensure compliance with hazard analysis and critical control point programs, Eriez said. The system for liquid product lines combines an Xtreme liquid line metal detector with a magnetic B-trap. The other system, for free-falling bulk materials, includes an easy-to-clean grate in housing and an Xtreme vertical metal detector with reject.

814-835-6000; www.eriez.com




Eagle Product Inspection said it developed a new X-ray inspection system — Eagle Pack 400 HC —that is designed to meet 3-A Sanitary Standards. Ideal for harsh washdown environments, the Pack 400 HC inspects dairy products packaged in plastic containers, cartons/boxes and pouches to find and reject contaminants such as glass shards, dense plastic and rubber pieces, metal fragments and mineral stone and others. The multifunctional system also helps dairy manufacturers improve efficiency and productivity by conducting important quality checks such as fill level, mass measurement and seal inspection to locate food trapped in seals. Manufacturers can also utilize the system to determine if there are any voids within products such as blocks of cheese.

877-379-1670; www.eaglepi.com




Fortress Technology said it launched a metal detector that inspects low-profile, high-value foods vertically and horizontally concurrently to achieve high sensitivity. The Interceptor DF (divergent field) is the first-ever multi-orientation, multi-scan food metal detector. It is especially sensitive to very thin metal contaminant flakes and foils that are difficult to detect on low-profile foods. The Interceptor DF can also be used to inspect small, thin packages of conductive products such as cheese with a high-value and high-market image, including diced feta or grated Parmesan. Rather than scanning a select number of frequencies, the conveyor-style metal detector inspects raw and packaged products using multiple field directions.

416-752-2898; www.fortresstechnology.com




Food safety professionals need to make sure every step of their process is contaminant-free while efficiently carrying out safety functions such as pasteurization and complete cooking. Hygiena’s EnSURE Touch is a smart monitoring system that collects, analyzes and reports data from multiple quality tests such as ATP, microorganisms and enzymes, providing necessary data for audit and risk management. The EnSURE Touch features the superior chemistry, sensitivity and reliability enjoyed by Hygiena customers and incorporates innovative design and functionality upgrades, the company said.

888-494-4362; www.hygiena.com




Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family, introduced its enhanced FMAlert software for VERYX digital sorters. FMAlert captures and saves digital images of foreign material (FM) contaminants and can be programmed to immediately alert operators and signal a downstream device during critical FM events. The next-generation FMAlert annotates each image to pinpoint the FM object detected and further eases access to records. Coupled with VERYX’s advanced detection capabilities, FMAlert helps processors control FM, speed up response to FM events, recognize trends and improve documentation to protect food safety, Key Technology said.

509-529-2161; www.key.net




The IQ4 metal detector and CW3 combination system from Loma Systems is designed to detect contaminants and reduce giveaway in food products, creating a strong critical control point. The integrated machine offers control from just one screen, easing installation and support while simplifying the inspection process. 

800-872-5662; www.loma.com




Heat and Control said its CEIA THS/MS21 is now available with optional USDA-certified construction, which means it is compliant with the USDA’s stringent hygiene and sanitation guidelines for the design and fabrication of dairy, meat and poultry equipment. This design eliminates any difficult-to-clean areas that could harbor bacteria. Designed for the most difficult products with strong product effect, only the CEIA THS/MS21 multi-spectrum metal detector uses multiple detection frequencies simultaneously to deliver the greatest sensitivity to all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals. The detector also accurately compensates for product effect to reduce waste and false reject signals without reducing sensitivity.

510-259-0500; www.heatandcontrol.com




Mettler Toledo’s Profile Advantage metal detector delivers 30-50% greater levels of detection sensitivity than competing technologies on products with high moisture such as yogurt, cheese and milk. Dairy products can exhibit product effect, which triggers false rejects. The traditional solution to this problem has been to set the sensitivity of the metal detector lower to eliminate false rejects, thereby limiting its ability to detect all contaminants. According to Mettler Toledo, the Profile Advantage’s software suppresses false signals and inspects products at full sensitivity with virtually no false rejects. This results in lower running costs, reduced product waste, more effective inspection and maximum product safety.

813-889-9500; www.mt.com/pi




The Thermo Scientific Sentinel Multiscan metal detector, a first-of-its-kind metal detector that rapidly scans up to five frequencies at a time, now has updated software and hardware features to meet the stringent standards  set by Marks & Spencer, a leading UK retailer. Sentinel is a high-performance contaminant detection solution ideally suited to applications with high product effect, including dairy. The standards specify which type of foreign object detection system should be used, how it must function to ensure rejected products are removed from production and how the systems should “fail” safely under all conditions, Thermo Scientific said.





Packaging Technologies & Inspection’s VeriCon leak testers offer easy plug-and-play leak testing configurations for inline container testing and for blowmolding lines with trimmer mount installation. According to the company, VeriCon leak test systems operate 24/7 without loss of sensitivity and require minimal maintenance. The new VeriCon Plus series offers several upgrades and enhancements. Real time inspection data include reject statistics and test result trends, with enhanced data collection and data transfer capability. The new VeriCon Plus series also offers increased leak test sensitivity with the capability to measure down to 200 microns, depending on container shape, size and line speed.

914-337-2005; www.ptiusa.com




Teledyne TapTone’s new Seal Integrity Tester is designed to inspect foil-sealed cups inside the cup filler. Made with a patented design consisting of multiple sensors mounted inside the cup filler, the sensor heads inspect each cup by compressing the foil lid of the cup at full production speeds. According to the company, the system can detect bad seals caused by product across the seal area during filling. It also can detect deformed or damaged foil lids that cannot make a good seal and weak seals caused by a variety of issues.

508-563-1000; www.taptone.com




The new SC-W-V from Wipotec-OCS is a combination machine, merging precision checkweigher, X-ray and machine vision technology in a single inspection machine. This design approach stops dairy product giveaway, prevents recalls and maximizes food and package integrity, all while protecting companies’ brand names. The SC-W-V checks products for impurities and the correct weight, while using an optical system to check package labels for the correct information regarding the product’s bar codes, ingredients, nutritional values, expiration date and more.

678-344-8300; https://www.wipotec-ocs.com/us/x-ray-and-vision/sc-w-v/