AAK USA Inc. featured its expanded portfolio of fat and oil solutions, including the launch of a new global brand for plant-based foods, AkoPlanet, which is designed to offer formulators a real-life solution for plant-based food and beverages. The company said its samples included plant-based sliced cheese, a dairy-free cheese that answers consumer demand for savory plant-based snacks; a vanilla soft-serve plant-based frozen dessert; and a peach- and passion fruit-flavored yogurt short, nutritionally optimized with a blend of phospholipids from egg yolk and vegetable oils that are high in omega-3 fatty acids.





According to Beneo, a 2019 study published in Benef Microbes proved that prebiotic chicory root fiber intake selectively increases beneficial bifidobacteria in children aged 3 to 6 years, even under antibiotic treatment. The regular consumption of this fiber keeps the level of beneficial bifidobacteria higher and more stable, reducing antibiotic-induced disturbances of the microbiota. Enriching a child’s nutrition with Beneo’s prebiotic chicory root fiber inulin and oligofructose can boost inner defense. Inulin and oligofructose are natural, non-GMO, clean label and the only plant-based prebiotics. They contribute to weight management, calcium absorption and sugar reduction and can be used in yogurts, dairy desserts and ice cream.





Blue Diamond Growers showcased Blue Diamond almond protein powder at IFT19. According to the company, the ingredient is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the trend toward simple, healthy plant-based ingredients and opens up new formulating opportunities for developers of clean-label and nutritionally focused products. The almond protein powder is nutrient-dense and serves as an excellent source of biotin, phosphorous, copper, magnesium and manganese and a good source of calcium, potassium, zinc and iron. The ingredient has also been shown to be compatible with complementary proteins, including plant-based sources and dairy sources, allowing the creation of products with complete amino acid profiles.





At IFT19, Cargill introduced new products with applications in the dairy space, including Potassium Pro ultrafine potassium chloride, a much finer cut of potassium chloride that provides superior salty flavor compared to larger particle sizes. Its flour-like texture delivers significant functional advantages, with stronger adherence, more rapid solubility and smoother mouthfeel. Cargill said it also expanded its SimPure line of functional native starches with the SimPure 994 series. These waxy corn-based starches withstand pasteurization and similar moderate-to-high temperature processing conditions, offering similar functionality to modified starches. Ideal for high-protein beverages, the SimPure starches can be used to create products with a rich, satisfying mouthfeel and increased label appeal. 





Butter Buds showcased the latest on-trend, better-for-you concentrated flavor ingredients at IFT19. Its samples utilized its nondairy (kosher pareve) and plant-based flavor ingredients, along with its certified-organic and clean-label flavor solutions. According to the company, each sample was designed to showcase the functional benefits of Butter Buds’ dairy alternative, organic and clean-label flavor solutions. The company’s samples included buttery chicken curry, a nondairy entree featuring 0.83% nondairy Buds ghee type and 0.19% nondairy Buds Asia; keto bites, featuring 0.38% nondairy butter flavor and 0.38% Butter Buds 8x nondairy LD; and malted bark with pecans, which was made with 0.25% Butter Buds sautéed butter flavor (natural).





Diana Food presented its new line of USDA organic-certified colors at IFT19. From the blue shade of spirulina to the blueberry/raspberry shade of purple carrot, the company’s portfolio of organic colors and customized organic blends brings bright, stable color to a wide variety of dairy applications. Diana Food said what differentiates its organic color solutions is its dedication to full traceability from farm to finished product. It’s made possible by its team of agronomists, who work closely with seed developers and farmers to select only the best nature has to offer.





Domino Sugar, an ASR Group company, said Sweet Essence M, also known as Sugarcane Reb M, is the next generation of high-potency sweeteners and the only Reb M produced from the fermentation of cane sugar. Sugarcane Reb M is approximately 350 times sweeter than sugar and can be used to sweeten beverages, dairy, desserts, sauces, snack foods and more. Sugarcane Reb M is also non-GMO and kosher. Most important, Domino’s high-capacity fermentation process provides significant cost advantages and very low impurities, resulting in a quality product that delivers great taste with the same cost in use as sugar in many applications.





Doehler North America said it has been able to set the pace within the beverage world thanks to its natural and plant-based ingredients. However, with consumers’ evolving tastes, the simple availability of ingredients has proven to be insufficient: Only the ability to develop ingredient systems allows manufacturers to bridge the gap between a raw material and consumers’ preferences. Doehler showcased oat drinks that were created using various ingredients it developed and manufactured. The main component was the oat syrup Doehler manufacturers, which was then combined with either vanilla and caramel flavor or strawberry puree.





Chr. Hansen said it commercialized a new vegetable variety — the Hansen sweet potato — using traditional breeding methods to create a vibrant natural red alternative to carmine and synthetic reds. The Hansen sweet potato is the basis for Chr. Hansen’s recently launched FruitMax line of bright-red solutions, which solve some of the biggest challenges of previously available natural red colors. The colors are 100% plant-based with no off-taste. They are minimally processed and suitable for a long list of products. The Hansen sweet potato received the IFT19 Food Expo Innovation Award, which recognizes outstanding innovation in products, equipment, instrumentation, technology and services.





Royal DSM showcased its complete portfolio of biopreservation solutions for the dairy, baking and beverage industries at IFT19, including an “on-the-go” yogurt prototype created with DSM’s DelvoGuard protective cultures. This culture range can help yogurt producers meet consumer demand for clean labels and a longer shelf life at both ambient and chilled temperatures, maintaining product freshness and unique taste and texture characteristics. DSM said it performed a variety of challenge tests for the yogurt category, including tests carried out at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and repeated several times a day to mimic consumer behavior during shelf life. Results show that DelvoGuard can extend the expiration date of a sweet yogurt by up to two weeks.

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Edlong said its Simply Dairy ingredients are concentrated dairy profiles that naturally deliver impactful dairy essences. Developed to be used as part of an entire flavor system, Simply Dairy flavors aid in reducing the use of expensive dairy commodities. The flavors are all natural, made from real dairy and can be listed as their source ingredients on product labels, providing consumers the transparency they demand. 





Farbest Brands said it offers a number of whey protein concentrates and isolates for a range of needs.  It offers the products with a protein range of 80% to 95%.  Its whey proteins all have a creamy taste that make them excellent sources of protein in any application.  In addition, Farbest’s products are available as spray-dried, agglomerated and with lecithins (soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin) for enhanced dispersibility.  The company’s diverse sourcing brings high-quality whey protein from both New Zealand and the United States.  Farbest can provide material that is pasture-based, hormone-free and rBST-free.





At IFT19, Flavorchem showcased its cold-brew coffee extracts in a cold-brew coffee macaron. Flavorchem said it has a craft approach to coffee, utilizing a cold-extraction method that delivers a superior taste profile. Flavorchem creates custom extracts using beans from many origins. Customers also have the option to supply their own beans. Flavorchem’s cold-brew extracts work in a variety of product applications, including dairy and nutrition applications. Extracts are available as organic, organic-compliant, kosher, halal-certifiable and fair trade.





AT IFT19, Finlays said it offered an innovative spin on classic mocktails utilizing its coffee and tea extracts. Finlays’ coffee extracts add a depth of flavor to the traditional Mudslide and a unique twist to a Lemongrass Mule. Both black and green tea extracts and essences provided an additional brightness to the fan-favorite Bee’s Knees and Peppered Old-Fashioned applications.





According to Hydrosol, the demand for flavored milk drinks is rising around the world — from trendy flavors such as cappuccino and walnut to conventional varieties such as cocoa, vanilla and strawberry. With the new Stabiprime MFD range from Hydrosol, it is easy to make all kinds of milk beverages. Some of these systems are offered with carrageenan, which enables stable products without high-pressure homogenization. Another part of the range contains gellan gum as an alternative to carrageenan, which offers the opportunity to fill milk drinks even at high temperatures, up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Both stabilizing systems are soluble in both water and sweet whey.

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Florida Food Products unveiled its new line of fermented vegetable juices at IFT19. The line of liquid and powdered lactic-acid fermented vegetable products currently includes beet, carrot, onion and mushroom. According to Florida Food Products, these ingredients are excellent options to create great-tasting and on-trend flavors for a variety of functional food and beverage applications. The centerpiece of the fermented ingredient line is the company’s beet juice, which possesses a fruitiness and deep color with a reduced earthiness associated with beetroots.





At IFT19, Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) showcased its signature product, Suntava purple corn. Non-GMO Project Verified and organic, Suntava purple corn is unmatched in its consistent color, taste, quality and value-added nutrition, HFI said. It has more than twice the antioxidant power of blueberries. Suntava purple corn is ideal for a variety of applications within the food and beverage industry.





Lycored highlighted its natural red-to-yellow and orange-spectrum range of super-stable colors at IFT19. The company said it recently unveiled a series of new names to identify its cast of colors, including SteadfastScarlet, OrangeOvation and StellarYellow. Made from natural lycopenes extracted from the company’s own custom-bred tomatoes, Lycored’s colorants are proven by science and tested for stability across multiple applications, including flavored waters, ultra-heat-treated dairy drinks, juice-based beverages, cheeses and yogurts.





Virginia Dare sampled ready-to-drink “oatmilk” botanical tea lattes, which utilized its collection of clean-label botanical extracts. Vanilla Lavender and London Fog lattes used black tea, vanilla and lavender extracts; adding beramot produced the distinctive London Fog. The company said it also sampled bold and exciting flavors in ready-to-drink coffee lattes. Cinnamon Vanilla and Cardamom Mocha variants used Virginia Dare’s cold-brew concentrate, natural flavors and oatmilk. Other profiles include Spiced Horchata, Rose Mocha, Anise Pizzelle and Grasshopper Pie. Both collections are for dairy or plant-based milks, creamers, coffees, shakes and more.





Gelita showcased its gelatine ingredient, which offers many functional properties in dairy applications. It can serve as a binding, gelling and whipping agent; as an emulsifier and stabilizer; and as a film- and foam-former. Gelita said gelatine creates perfect textures, provides a one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and enhances flavor release. Gelita also highlighted its collagen peptides, which lend themselves to countless applications. In yogurt and other fermented products, collagen peptides reveal an excellent sensorial profile and texture while offering added protein and the advantages of collagen. Both gelatine and collagen peptides are pure proteins that can boost nutritional profiles and contribute to clean labeling; they feature no allergenic potential.





Ingredion Inc. introduced two ingredients at IFT19. The company said its Astraea allulose has a sweet taste profile and the functionality of sugar with almost none of the calories. It tastes similar to sugar, is about 70% as sweet and has comparable functional bulking and freeze-point depression — without contributing to total and added sugar values. Ingredion also showcased its Novation Lumina functional native starches, which are designed for light-colored applications with delicate flavors. The starches provide high-performance functionality with superior flavor release and a neutral color while being labeled as “corn starch” for a clean label.





Kemin showcased an extensive portfolio of new and expanded shelf-life solutions at IFT19. The solutions help manufacturers keep food and beverages fresher and safer for longer. The company’s latest antioxidant solutions help manufacturers achieve “claim-ability” in food and beverage products by using consumer-friendly clean-label ingredients. These plant-based clean-label solutions can help customers expedite commercialization and stay up to speed and in compliance with regulatory changes. Kemin said it continues to develop new antioxidant solutions to help manufacturers meet label goals and ensure their success in a demanding marketplace.





At IFT19, Kerry highlighted its portfolio of better-for-you solutions that help solve the challenges around creating products with the health benefits consumers seek. With a focus on quality, the taste and nutrition company said it featured two of its science-backed functional ingredients, including Wellmune for immune support and the spore-forming probiotic GanedenBC30. Both ingredients are found in benefit-driven products around the world.




Jain Farm Fresh Inc.’s Frozen Ingredients Division introduced three new products to its line of frozen vegetables: organic cucumber, organic caramelized yellow onion and Applewood-smoked yellow and red onion. The products are available in various dice and strip sizes, with applications including cheeses with inclusions, spreads, dips, yogurt and smoothies. Jain also offers a reduced-moisture individual-quick-freezing option where syneresis is reduced by 30-50%, providing safety and convenience in the end application process.





Layn announced plans to invest $60 million in U.S. cannabidiol (CBD) production. The company said it has 20 years of experience in biomass farming management. It is now applying this expertise to hemp farming and CBD extraction. At IFT19, Layn sampled a number of prototype foods and beverages formulated with CBD, along with Layn’s functional botanical extracts sweetened with steviol glycosides and mogrosides. Most of Layn’s functional botanical extracts, plant-based sweeteners and CBD ingredients are ideal for dairy applications.





One of Prova’s many applications showcased at IFT19 was its ready-to-drink iced coffee latte. Using two of its coffee extracts and a coffee flavor, the company produced a beverage balancing the rich, roasted and caramelic coffee notes in a creamy dairy base. This product highlighted one of Prova’s core specialties — coffee extract — in the continuously growing market of ready-to-drink dairy beverages, Prova said.





Milk Specialties Global showcased Zerlac, a range of lactose-free dairy proteins offering extreme versatility, in a high-protein cold-brew drink at IFT. Milk Specialties said the Zerlac brand represents well-rounded high-protein ingredients that contain all the essential amino acids needed to promote muscle and bone health, satisfy hunger and provide a great-tasting product, while meeting the needs of a lactose-intolerant consumer or a consumer following a ketogenic diet lifestyle. Zerlac MPI90 is a suitable addition in formulating ready-to-drink beverages or yogurts.





Olam Cocoa said it TrueDark (N11D) premium brand deZaan is the first ever natural (non-alkalized) cocoa powder. It can fully replace the alkalized or “dutched” cocoa powders that are usually used in products such as ice cream. TrueDark offers the same dark color and intense cocoa flavor impact in these recipes. When replacing an alkalized cocoa powder with TrueDark, processors may list the ingredient simply as “cocoa” on the product label instead of “cocoa processed with alkali” or “cocoa processed with acidity regulator,” which allows consumers to make better-informed purchasing decisions.

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Salt of the Earth said Mediterranean umami is a clean-label solution for sodium reduction and flavor enhancement in a number of dairy applications. Cheese sauces are one of the areas where the company is seeing interest and success in the offering. The flavor enhancement may also lead to cost savings for processors, which could use less cheese or other flavors while maintaining a cheesy flavor. Another area of interest are dairy-based dips such as ranch-flavored dip or onion dip. For these types of applications, Mediterranean umami is a clean-label flavor enhancer that can replace monosodium glutamate and yeast extracts while maintaining a umami flavor kick.





Tastepoint said the growing demand for milk alternatives, paired with the popularity of Middle Eastern ingredients, sets the scene for a market that’s ready to embrace tahini-based products on a grander scale. For IFT19, Tastepoint created a sugar-reduced tahini beverage with a natural mouthfeel and sweetness modulation flavors.





At IFT19, Omya Inc. showcased its Omya-Cal range of natural calcium carbonates, which improve production processes and formulations while adding health benefits. Food and drink products fortified with this highly bioavailable and most concentrated source of calcium support bone health, muscles and nerves. Providing a positive impact on texture and powder handling, the ingredient offers supreme flexibility. Omya said its fields of application include foods and beverages such as milk powder and vegan and nondairy drinks.





According to Tate & Lyle, the first two things consumers look for on the Nutrition Facts label are calories and added sugars. With 90% fewer calories than sucrose, Dolcia Prima allulose is enjoying strong interest from startups and global accounts alike. Available in both syrup and crystalline form, the allulose offers the bulk, texture and clean, sweet taste of sucrose, but with only 0.4 calories per gram. The FDA’s decision to exclude allulose from total and added sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel removes a barrier, allowing food and beverage manufacturers to respond to consumers’ demand for reduced sugar and calorie reduction.




TIC Gums said Ticaloid PRO 122 RD is a hydrocolloid blend uniquely created for both rotational and static retort processing. This optimized blend withstands the harsh conditions in a retort process while contributing to stability and texture of the end beverage. Ticaloid PRO 122 RD addresses the common formulation hurdles in the shelf-stable coffee beverage category: emulsion stability, elimination of particulate sedimentation and texture optimization. With Ticaloid PRO 122 RD, formulators are able to achieve suspension, emulsification and added texture in retort coffee beverage applications. To showcase the functionality of Ticaloid PRO 122 RD, TIC Gums said it developed a mocha ready-to-drink beverage that was available for sampling at IFT19. This coffee drink demonstrated the functionality of Ticaloid PRO 122 RD in a retort beverage.