Baumer presented its full line of sensor technologies at Process Expo. The new IP69K rated PP20H pressure sensor with its condensation-resistant silicon measuring cell took first place in the dairy category in this year’s Innovation Showcase. The condensation-proof measuring cell means exceptional reliability for manufacturers in the milk and ice cream processing industries, where extreme temperature fluctuation and damp environments are the norm. Baumer said its sensors are developed and manufactured for effective, reliable food processing throughout the entire production line. Also demonstrated were the CleverLevel level switch, pressure, temperature, conductivity and ultrasonic sensors.





Clayton Industries showcased its full lineup of industrial steam boilers at this year’s Process Expo. With varieties ranging from 15 to over 1,000 boiler horsepower, Clayton said it provides the only true counterflow design on the market, utilizing optimized heat transfer to result in high energy-efficiency and low operational costs. Additionally, Clayton offers full modulating controls to keeping pressure stable under changing demands, while its patented mechanical steam separator delivers dry process steam with less than a single percentage of moisture content.





CEM said it has been developing innovative technologies to serve a variety of laboratory testing needs for over 40 years. Food production and testing companies trust CEM for fast, accurate systems for compositional testing. The Oracle universal fat analyzer is the first ever rapid fat analyzer to offer direct measurement with no calibration or method development. The Smart 6 is the most technologically advanced microwave moisture analyzer in the world for rapid moisture/solids analysis, reducing test time from hours to minutes.





FOSS North America, a provider of dairy processing analytical solutions, exhibited its ProFoss, FoodScan 2 and Kjeltec 8400 analytical tools, among others, at Process Expo. ProFoss is an in-line analyzer offering a range of applications for optimizing production of butter, cheese, dairy powders and more. FoodScan 2 improves the quality and consistency of solid and semi-solid dairy products while optimizing production processes. Finally, the Kjeltec 8400 allows processors to validate their Fourier transform infrared and near-infrared results for protein and nonprotein nitrogen determination.





Aquafine, a Trojan Technologies brand, is a provider of innovative industrial fluid treatments using ultraviolet (UV) technology. All Aquafine SwiftBeverage Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) systems have been designed to meet the diversion requirement, to regulate flow and to have the required sensors per lamp to ensure full compliance with the PMO. Aquafine works closely with the PMO-specification organization and has supplied numerous PMO compliant units. Its SwiftBeverage is a high-performance and eco-friendly UV solution for the dairy industry. Aquafine said it has over 150,000 installations across 80 countries and systems installed in U.S. dairies.





FPS Food Process Solutions said its spiral immersion system (SIS) is a technology for chilling, freezing, pasteurizing, cooking and chemically treating food products. The SIS is a spiral conveyor in a tank of liquid designed to immerse food products in a fluid — usually water or brine — to achieve the processing objectives. Because heat is transferred 25 times faster in water than in air, the SIS can process food products faster and more efficiently. The SIS can freeze the surface of foods 25 times faster and the core of foods 70% faster. As a result, the time food products are in the “danger zone” can be significantly shortened.





Pentair said it provides production plant solutions to the dairy, food and beverage industries. Its Südmo product range features stainless-steel single-seat, mix-proof, butterfly and specialty valves, plus control technology that meet the highest hygienic and aseptic standards. Its Haffmans brand specializes in quality control equipment for measuring carbon dioxide, oxygen, turbidity and alcohol/extract, as well as carbonation units and carbon dioxide recovery equipment. Its experienced multi-disciplined team works with processors to find solutions that maximize production time and operational flexibility.





Koss said its new leveling jacks make raising, lowering, leveling and tilting equipment easier than ever. The leveling jacks can quickly go from mobile to secure with no tools needed; simply turn the handle and let the jack do the work. Hard-working and hygienic, Koss leveling jacks are 3-A Sanitary Standards Certified and made in the United States. Made from 304 stainless steel, the jacks are sealed with O-ring elastomers and have no exposed threads.





Weber said its S6 slicer delivers unmatched performance with the highest yield, lowest giveaway and top marks for hygienic design. The S6 was on display as part of the live dairy line at the 2019 Process Expo. The line showcased the efficient operation of the slicer to achieve maximum results, while the Durablade technology demonstrated true quality of slices. Weber offers complete line solutions with the latest in slicing, packaging and automation.





Porifera is a company that manufactures proprietary forward osmosis membranes and provides process solutions to a variety of industries. Its forward osmosis solutions enable industries to efficiently remove water and retain the most valuable components of their products. Applications of interest to the dairy industry include a water-removal step for high-value protein and complex polysaccharide streams prior to drying in place of evaporation.





Following the release of its successful D4 mix-proof valve range, SPX Flow said it released a new competitively priced D4PMO model. Designed specifically for the U.S. dairy industry, the valve meets the latest 3-A Sanitary Standard 85-02 for Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, which incorporates features such as maintaining zero pressure within the vent cavity and the impingement of clean-in-place fluid during seat lift operation. The valve is lightweight and easy to install, incorporating the latest CU4plus control unit with fully integrated position and seat lift detection.





Thermal Care showcased its Accuchiller NQV series packaged chillers with optional variable-speed compressor at Process Expo. NQV chillers are portable and easy to install for dairy applications that require precise temperature control for their process. Results have shown energy savings of up to 51% using a NQV chiller as compared to a conventional packed chiller, Thermal Care said. 





Urschel said it unveiled a new concept in shredding: the USDA Dairy Division-accepted microadjustable SH-14 shred head. Featuring 14 shredding stations versus the standard eight, the SH-14 offers nearly double the throughput. Five preset cut sizes (no gauge required) enable various 0.125-inch (3.2-millimeter) full and V-shreds. The head incorporates the latest integrated shoe-holder-clamp-knife design with only three fasteners per station. The SH-14 fits CC series locking head support rings. 





Rubber Fab is a creator of quality sanitary seals and hoses for the dairy industry. Its Detectomer product line is a family of metal detectable/X-ray inspectable products that can be detected by inline metal detection and X-ray inspection equipment. Specific to the dairy industry are its Camlock gaskets; the Camlock screen gasket is designed to protect pumps during milk transfer. Its dairy pipeline filter screens also are a great product for transferring milk or other dairy products to facilities.





Indeavor showcased its automated employee scheduling and leave management solution at Process Expo. In a space that mostly focuses on increasing the efficiency of equipment, it increases the efficiency of the people operating the equipment. Food and beverage processors can ensure consistent adherence to Food Safety Modernization Act regulations by scheduling only qualified employees to each required job, helping lines run accurately and efficiently. With centralized visibility into employee qualifications, union and fatigue compliance rules, as well as each worker’s straight-time and overtime hours, front-line supervisors have all the data necessary to make more informed scheduling decisions, Indeavor said.