Emerson added a new portfolio of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that will enable more comprehensive manufacturing control and production optimization. End users will be able to expand operations and supply chain control by partnering with a single automation provider. With the addition of the new PLCs, Emerson said it is bringing more end-to-end automation solutions to its existing process control market. The new portfolio of cloud-connected controllers, industrial PCs and devices for smart plants complements Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, adding another layer to Emerson’s focus on helping customers leverage automation technologies to pursue digital transformation.





Nano Purification Systems said its nano GEN2 nitrogen gas generators are certified for food-grade nitrogen gas and are suitable for use in contact with food as food additive E941. The GEN2 line provides a wide range of flow rates and purities from 95% to 99.999%. The unique design and energy-saving function of the generators offer a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options, as well as traditional generator designs. The compact system can be installed easily and with a minimum cost and disruption; it requires only a pre-treated compressed air system to start production. An on-site generator enables users to fulfill their demand for nitrogen gas on their premises, under their complete control. As a result, companies can generate as much or as little nitrogen as needed at a fraction of the cost of having the gas delivered by an external supplier.





Orbis Corp. launched the Xpress bulk milk delivery system for the transport of fluid milk from the truck to the retail cooler with only one touch. The offering is a fully reusable retail-ready merchandising system comprising a dolly, a removable handle and four plastic contoured trays. It minimizes physical labor at retail and streamlines merchandising in two key ways, Orbis said. First, the dolly allows for easy transport off the truck and right into the cooler, for quicker unload. Second, once the system is placed into the cooler, no unpacking or additional touches are needed because consumers shop directly from the XpressBulk system. The dolly and trays are custom designed to fit the bottle being transported. The new product is a collaboration between Orbis, Silgan Closures and Mid America Molds.





Schubert Group said food manufacturers can rely on its new lightline machine series for simple, frequently sought-after packaging tasks. The series offers cost-effective and highly efficient solutions for elementary everyday packaging assignments. The compact lightline machine types cover the entire range of most common packaging requirements. The lightline Cartonpacker takes on the role of a classic case packer when erecting, filling and closing cartons. The lightline Pickerline is a pick-and-place line for picking and placing products into trays. The lightline trio is completed with the Flowpacker, which, in combination with the Pickerline, efficiently packs products in flowpacks.

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