Evonik Corp. says it is the world’s largest supplier of food-grade processing aids that are used for safety and performance. It manufactures silicon dioxides, calcium silicates and sodium aluminum silicates under the brand names Sipernat, Aerosil and Zeofree. They are used as free flow, anti-caking and processing aids. Evonik’s specialty in dairy is improving spray drying by preventing buildup in equipment, improving efficiency, increasing production rate and resolving packaging issues. Evonik’s products improve sustainability by prolonging shelf life and reducing wasted food, water, energy and labor costs — resulting in environmental benefits and greater food security for everyone.




In response to consumer demand for higher-quality food and natural dairy ingredients, Flavorchem curated a collection of natural flavor extracts created through proprietary extraction technologies that capture aromatic top notes and the authentic taste profiles of the original botanicals. Using only the cleanest methods of processing for a true-to-nature flavor, Flavorchem says it follows standards set by industry leaders, which include no artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals, Proposition 65-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Its natural extract portfolio features trending dairy flavors such as blood orange, coconut, cold brew, hibiscus, rose, tangerine and vanilla




During the IFT FIRST speaker sessions, IFF says its experts explored the future of food, covering everything from plant-based to clean-label trends. Presentation topics included key consumer drivers in fermented plant-based beverages, consumer perceptions regarding clean-label ingredients, the exciting evolving landscape of alternative proteins and how to improve their functional properties by natural processes. These consumer insights are used to direct IFF product design and guide the IFF innovation process for future ingredient developments. Watch these on demand, anytime. For more information or to connect with IFF speakers, visit




At 2021 IFT, International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) showcased its private brand sweetener ingredient systems, LegacySweet. The offering is a complete assortment of sweeteners aimed at helping manufacturers replace or reduce sugar in products. LegacySweet products are easily converted into a custom ingredient blend. In IFT’s trends sample box, IFPC showcased a tropical citrus punch powdered drink mix. IFPC says its research and development team formulated the drink mix utilizing one of LegacySweet’s sugar-replacement blends. The sweetener ingredient system uses appropriate ratios of a variety of sweeteners to create harmony and eliminate off-notes. Email for more information.




MicroThermics Inc. says it is always innovating. Its small-scale, ultra-high-temperature, high temperature/short time and aseptic systems and services reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The company’s conventional or AI highly automated lab-processing lines and miniature plant trial services accurately simulate commercial processes. Run multiple batches per day and expedite your products to market. From juices, coffees/teas, milks and plant-based “milks” to puddings and sauces with particulates, MicroThermics has you covered. Or let the company’s miniature plant trials’ FDA-registered lab process your production quality samples for tradeshows, taste panels, formula development, ingredient shelf-life extension and more.




Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. recently launched its latest product, popping boba, which is made in the United States. Popping boba is increasingly popular in the chilled dessert, frozen yogurt, bubble tea and beverage categories. Adding a burst of tantalizing flavor, popping boba transforms ordinary foods and beverages into unique, edible experiences, leaving consumers craving more. According to Pecan Deluxe, popping boba is not only delicious, but also super fun. The 2021 virtual IFT expo provided Pecan Deluxe with a robust platform to share this new innovation and showcase the many other ingredients and inclusions in its product portfolio.  




Prova USA says it is proud of its newest Provanil offering: a non-GMO, naturally processed vanillin replacer that can level-up any keto diet-compliant food or beverage. The sugar-free Provanil US7X offers an authentic vanilla taste that keeps up with trends. Offering the same great taste and heat stability delivered by Prova’s Provanil US7, US7X delivers on the richness of vanillin flavor and aroma with the added benefit of keeping products keto-friendly. Provanil pairs with nearly any flavor and enhances and rounds out flavors such as chocolate, caramel, coffee, nuts, fruit and more.




Van Drunen Farms says it is passionate about producing the highest-quality fruit, vegetable and herb ingredients. Its specializes in freeze-drying, drum-drying, individually quick freezing (IQF) and creating innovative whole food solutions. Featured ingredients include TruServ, which are whole food fruit and vegetables servings; Coffeeberry natural caffeine solutions, which are sustainably sourced natural energy solutions for every consumer; and Fire ‘n Ice fire-roasted IQF vegetables, which transform frozen vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary.