Caloris Engineering LLC, an Easton, Md.-based provider of membrane, evaporation and drying technology, announced that it acquired Avon, Minn.-based equipment fabricator Seitz Stainless.

Caloris said the acquisition adds in-house manufacturing to its suite of capabilities, which also includes process engineering and design, systems consulting and more. Caloris’ process solutions are implemented in the dairy, juice and food industries.

"This purchase makes the combined companies a one-stop shop for design, engineering and manufacturing for dairy, juice, food and wastewater processing equipment," said Jim Peterson, president and CEO, Caloris. "Seitz and Caloris have long been partners, and Seitz has consistently offered the highest manufacturing quality in the industry."

Caloris said there has always been a synergy between the two companies. Caloris offers evaporators, dryers and membranes to help food and beverage manufacturers process their high-value products. Seitz Stainless fabricates a variety of components used in food-processing systems, including heat exchangers, pressure vessels, tanks and custom equipment.

Seitz Stainless will remain a separate operation and will continue to serve a variety of customers. Both companies will remain in their respective geographic locations, Caloris said.

"Current Seitz customers should rest assured that the relationships and quality you have come to expect from Seitz will remain, with the opportunity for partnering with Caloris on processing needs,” said Jeff Haviland, president, Seitz Stainless. “Operations at Seitz will continue as before, and Seitz customers should still communicate directly with Seitz for their manufacturing needs."