Midwest Dairy, St. Paul, Minn., said it unveiled a new logo and brand identity as part of its new vision, mission and strategic plan, which is focused on bringing dairy to life for consumers and giving them an excellent dairy experience. Serving as a visual connection between farmers and consumers, the new simpler design is intended not only to convey the goodness of products Midwest dairy farmers produce but also, for the first time, to represent Midwest Dairy as one entity that no longer includes the words “association” or “council.”

“Under our new strategic plan, our goal is to sit beside consumers and have conversations that demonstrate our openness, transparency and willingness to listen first and then share the farm-to-table journey,” said Midwest Dairy CEO Lucas Lentsch. “We also want our new logo to convey the strong traditions of our dairy farmers and their ongoing commitment to producing quality, nutritious dairy products for today’s consumers.”

Midwest Dairy is part of Dairy Management Inc., the domestic and international planning and management organization that builds demand for dairy products on behalf of America’s 40,000 dairy farmers. Its new logo, vision and mission are the result of a year-long comprehensive strategic planning process that incorporated input from Midwest Dairy farmers, staff and a variety of partners throughout the dairy community, including retailers, processors and manufacturers, cooperatives and other industry leaders, the organization said.

The new Midwest Dairy logo conveys the timelessness of dairy farming and reminds consumers that dairy is, and always will be, wholesome and enjoyable. The color blue represents the friendly, trustworthy farmers, and the yellow “smile” or splash evokes the richness that would be associated with butter or cream, Midwest Dairy said.

“Our new approach and logo will help us work with partners to develop stronger relationships with consumers to better understand what is important to them,” Lentsch said. “We will be working even more collaboratively with our farmers, wellness, manufacturing, retail and co-op partners to provide valuable resources and new product innovations that meet emerging trends and consumer demands.”

Midwest Dairy launched a video to introduce the logo online and through social media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARYx1gwZFgg&feature=youtu.be