Mixers for wet, dry ingredients

Powder mixing tables from Koss Industrial Inc. are designed to Wisconsin Dairy Sanitary Standards and are created custom to complement unique applications’ needs. With an integrated control panel and flow panel, these mobile units (equipped with pump and shear blender) can be constructed from high-quality 304 or 316L stainless steel. Level indication monitors product entering the funnel to prevent suction of air. An onboard dust collection system features a hood that creates the vacuum duct to reduce dust (the flip-opening removable hood provides easy cleanup).

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White Mountain Process released an extensive offering of carboy mixers and agitators for the high-purity marketplace. These carboy mixers are available for use in filtration, diagnostics/reagents and more complex mixing applications. The mixers provide customers with economical ways to mix, disperse, and blend liquids and solids into liquids, the company said. Carboys can be customized with nozzles, dip tubes, vent filters, instruments and any accessories desired.

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High-shear inline mixer for finer emulsions

Tetra Pak launched its next generation high-shear inline mixer. Featuring a new design that produces finer, more consistent and stable emulsions, the R370-1000D reduces the need for downstream homogenization, delivers a better-quality end product and cuts energy consumption. The mixer streamlines production steps, reduces investment needs and lowers costs, according to the company. The inline mixer features a unique restructuring and integration of a built-in deaerating system, a flexible powder introduction system and a newly designed mixing head. This allows the machine to handle the highest viscosities for a recirculation mixer at up to 2,000 centipoise and break the size of the droplets to 1 micron (0.001 millimeter).

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Batch mixer for super blending

The Chester-Jensen 70N Cooker-Cooler is a batch mixing processor designed to cook, cool and super-blend food products. This unit utilizes a dual-agitation configuration along with a fully insulated heat exchange jacket on the entire cone bottom to process the most uniform finished product possible, the company said. Typical products handled include cheese sauce, pastry and pie fillings, pudding and more.

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Inline high-speed disperser

Admix’s DynaShear inline high-speed disperser has a powerful dual-stage rotor/stator design. Its powerful dual-stage rotor/stator design eliminates unmixed stabilizers, gums, whey proteins, plant proteins, sweeteners, milk powders and cocoa powders.  When the disperser is installed on the outlet of the mix tank, a single pass of the product through it completes the desired mixing, the company said. It can transfer smooth, completely uniform ice cream mix, cheese, yogurt, dip, buttermilk, sour cream starters, flavored milks and coffee creamers from a batch tank directly to the high-temperature short-time/ultra-high temperature balance tank. 

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Shear blender FOR consistent inline mixing

Fristam’s FS Series shear blender for inline mixing blends products quickly and consistently. Compared to conventional methods, the shear blender shortens processing times significantly, the company said. The blender’s rotor-stator design eliminates unblended product and prevents lumps and masses in product for consistent, repeatable results. Designed with a front-loading seal, the blender allows production personnel to simply service the pump in-place. It can be used to blend, emulsify, disperse, dissolve and texturize. Typical applications include cheese food sauces, cottage cheese, dairy-based dressings, eggnog, flavored milk, Greek yogurt, ice cream mix, nonfat dry milk, processed cheese and pudding.

800-841-5001; www.fristam.com/mix


Mixproof valve for high corrosion resistance

Meeting the demand for higher corrosion resistance, Alfa Laval’s new high-alloy versions of its well-known Unique Mixproof valve secure product safety and longer equipment lifetime. They are available in two material options: Hastelloy C22 and AL6XN. Manufacturers of products containing a high chloride concentration or low pH levels often face corrosion challenges in their hygienic processes — for example, lactic acid, whey and brine from cheese manufacturing. These updated valves give two solutions for higher corrosion resistance and reduced-production downtime.

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Continuous and batch mixing systems

Powder Process-Solutions engineers can analyze specific materials’ properties — heat buildup, degradation and sanitation — to determine the optimal blend time, batch volume and rotor design that provide a low coefficient of variation and high throughputs. Mixer performance, mixture uniformity and sanitation are critical factors in all designs. Continuous and batch mixing systems are offered. The company has extensive experience with upstream and downstream process requirements, which enables it to select and integrate the appropriate equipment into a new or existing process.

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Tumble blenders feature with safety light curtains

Ross now offers protective light curtains providing automatic safety shutoff of tumble blenders whenever an operator crosses a defined security boundary. Due to the nature of the rotating mix chamber, a safety railing is supplied standard on all Ross tumble blenders. The addition of optional light curtains further improves operator safety, the company said. The blenders provide gentle agitation and are used for dry applications such as powders in many process industries. They are ideal blenders for batches requiring the dispersion of extremely small minor components and low-shear intensity.

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