High-speed, high-shear mixer, emulsifier

Admix’s DynaShear is designed as a high-speed, high-shear mixer and emulsifier for continuous processing. It is constructed completely of 316SS (internals, housing, shafting and base), its unique dual-stage axial and radial heads provide greater throughput and flow, and the shear rates generated insure droplet and particle size reduction down to 3 to 5 microns with excellent distribution.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com

Powder-to-liquid mixing from a single unit

The Alfa Laval Hybrid powder mixer combines the latest pump and powder dissolving technologies in a single, versatile unit. It is the only hygienic mixer capable of drawing powder into the unit, while simultaneously mixing and pumping final liquid end-product via a single electric drive, according to the company. The mixer ensures optimal dissolution by providing a constant suction and flow, while pre-blending the powder and the liquid before the mixture enters the high-shear stage. As a result, solids easily dissolve into liquids without clumping.

800-558-4060; www.alfalaval.us

Cooker-cooler batch mixing processor

The Chester-Jensen 70N Cooker-Cooler is a batch mixing processor designed to cook, cool and super blend food products. This unit utilizes a dual-agitation configuration, along with a fully insulated heat exchange jacket on the entire cone bottom, to process the most uniform finished product possible.  Sizes are available up to 1,000 gallons. Typical products handled include pudding, cheese sauce and soups.

800-685-3750; www.chester-jensen.com

Stainless steel inline sanitary mixer

SPX introduces the new SanStar SSi sanitary mixer from its Lightnin brand. As part of the SanStar series, the stainless steel inline mixers provide long life and flexible options. The mixers are provided with an SPX Quality Assurance Documentation package to demonstrate current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Their performance and sanitary operation make these flexible machines ideal for dairy, beverage and other food applications. This sanitary mixer is designed to reduce power loss through the use of high-efficiency planetary gears. 

262-728-1900; www.spx.com

Batch formula mixing technology

The GEA Batch Formula mixing system is a customizable vacuum mixing system based on rotor/stator technology. It offers reduced batch times, improved product quality, minimal product loss and increased flexibility in many dairy, beverage and food applications.  It includes instantaneous powder wetting through vacuum loading of raw materials below the liquid surface. 

715-386-9371; www.gea.com

Mixing meets quick processing for better natural flavors

The Varo HPT (horizontal processing tank) by DCI features a unique agitator coil design that doubles the heating and cooling surface.  According to the company, this can significantly reduce a processor’s production time. This in turn allows the product to be heated and/or cooled more quickly and uniformly, while being gently mixed to keep the shape, structure and natural colors.  An optional condenser and aroma recovery unit captures the aromas lost during evaporation and recycles them back into the product.  It’s also offered in an aseptic version.

320-252-8200; www.dciinc.com

Quick, high-performance blending

Fristam’s tabletop system provides quick, high-performance blending of wet and dry ingredients into a fluid stream. The company’s powder mixer blends up to 600 pounds per minute and handles shear rates up to 100,000 1/s (inverse seconds) and viscosities up to 100,000 centipoise. Processors can see their mixing operations reduced from 8 hours to 15 minutes, according to the company.

800-841-5001; www.fristam.com/pm

Low-maintenance mixer

Harvill’s low-maintenance mixer provides benefits and solutions for mixing, blending and homogenizing needs by reducing process time. Valving gives processors complete control of powder entry and flow, eliminating clogging of powder problems. It can be used with several dairy applications including cream cheese, yogurt, powdered milk and ice cream mix.

888-276-7977; www.harvill-ind.com

Blend wet and dry ingredients with powder mixing tables

Processors can blend wet and dry ingredients into a fluid stream quickly and efficiently with Koss Industrial Inc.’s Powder Mixing Tables. The tables are designed to WDA Sanitary Standards and are created custom to complement unique applications’ needs. With an integrated control panel and flow panel, this mobile unit (equipped with pump and shear blender) can be constructed from high-quality 304 or 316L stainless steel.

800-844-6261; www.kossindustrial.com

Customized stainless steel mixers

Lee Industries designs stainless steel mixers, homogenizers, agitated tanks and hemispherical-bottom kettles to meet all mixing requirements. Built to ASME specifications in various jacket styles and pressure ranges, its process vessels are available with a wide variety of accessories and may be modified or custom built to customer specifications.

814-342-0461; www.leeind.com

Powder mixer for continuous inline induction processes

Ampco’s new PM powder mixer can handle continuous inline induction processes. The SP pump is capable of creating vacuum levels greater than 20 inHg to overcome process issues, thus giving the mixer the ability to induce large amounts of powder while feeding the mixture into the shear blender.  The SBH shear blender receives the mixture with its shear teeth and creates a product of desired quality often on the first pass.  Key features include a low-profile table for ergonomic operation, consistent dry/wet blending and CIP-ability.  

800-737-8671; www.ampcopumps.com

Bow tie dispersers for mixing heavy pastes

Ross bow tie dispersers, also called high viscosity dispersers, are designed for mixing heavy pastes and viscous liquids. The economical bow tie disperser is robust and heavy-duty, capable of handling viscosities up to several hundred thousand centipoise. The system is driven by an explosion-proof inverter-duty motor which quickly wets out solids and incorporates them into a liquid vehicle, creating a uniform consistency without running at high speeds.

 800-243-7677; www.mixers.com