Clean, high-strength yellow and orange colors

Chr. Hansen’s FruitMax Yellow 1600 WS and FruitMax Orange 1600 WS are National Organic Program-compliant. The high-strength orange carrot-based yellow and orange colors made with all-natural ingredients are suitable for coloring beverages, dairy products and fruit preparations. Both colors have a colorful, bright shade with good stability. They can both be labeled simply as “orange carrot concentrate (for color)” or “vegetable juice concentrate (for color).” The two new colors are non-GMO and free from invert sugar, maltodextrin and other artificial ingredients such as artificial citric acid and tocopherol.



Natural red vegetable juice colors

Food Ingredient Solutions LLC, developed a maltodextrin-free cold water-soluble natural red vegetable juice color suitable for neutral-pH applications. Vegetable Juice Color 4517 is National Organic Program-compliant and will provide a pink to red range for dairy products in the 4-8 pH range. The company also has Vegetable Juice Color 4520, a new heat-stable natural red color. It’s suitable for products in the 4-9 pH range and will provide superior heat stability. It’s well suited to hot-fill and ultra-high-temperature processed dairy products. VJC 4520 is kosher and provides a pink to strawberry red shade.



Natural powdered coloring from purple corn

DDW has a food color powder derived from a purple corn hybrid cultivated in the United States. The non-GM powder exhibits a deep purple surface shade. The appearance is vibrant red in an acidic aqueous system. Food and beverage companies can list “purple corn juice color” or “colored with vegetable juice” on ingredient statements. Prior to spray drying, DDW performs a simple water extraction of the purple corn kernels. Powder (and liquid) samples are available. Applications for the anthocyanin coloring include dairy applications (such as in fruit prep for yogurt or in yogurt) and dry beverage mixes. It can be labeled as “vegetable juice for color.” 



A natural water-based pink color solution

GNT’s Exberry Shade “Fiesta Pink” is a natural color solution that can contribute a range of colors — from subtle strawberry pink to rich red velvet. It can be used in ice creams, frozen yogurts, soft serves and other frozen-dairy applications. Shade “Fiesta Pink” is clean-label friendly and manufactured using a unique water-based process that doesn’t require the use of organic solvents.



A clean-label opacity, whitening solution

Sensient’s Avalanche portfolio addresses food and beverage manufacturers’ need for clean ingredients. Compliant across most regions in the world, Avalanche is the industry’s only stable alternative to titanium dioxide for low- to high-water activity applications, including but not limited to powder coffee creamers, frostings and coatings, sauces and confections. It is a stable, clean-label opacity and whitening solution. Dependent on the version, Avalanche can be labeled as vegetable juice or spirulina extract.