Trehalose approved as natural flavor system

Nagase’s Treha trehalose is now approved for use as a natural flavor in various food and beverage categories. Cargill is the exclusive distributor of Treha trehalose in the United States. Treha trehalose also has FDA GRAS status. The ingredient is now produced from non-GM starch using non-GM enzymes, which allows formulators to use trehalose in multiple categories while contributing to a simplified label. Trehalose overcomes negative off-notes in both flavors and odors from proteins, vitamins, minerals and high-intensity sweeteners.  



Natural, label-friendly taste modulators

Sensient Flavors released its third edition of its Taste Modulators for dairy applications. These products feature new molecules that cover a wider range of off-notes such as bitterness, astringency and sourness found in vegan or fermented products. They also cover chalkiness and metallic or licorice notes commonly associated with natural sweeteners and functional ingredients, such as protein and vitamins. Formulated from all-natural ingredients, the modulators can be customized without sacrificing the nutrition panel or ingredient list.



Natural butter concentrates

First Choice Ingredients offers natural butter concentrates to create an authentic butter flavor. The company uses 100% Grade AA butter in its concentrates. Together with natural enzymes, its proprietary fermentation and reaction process creates natural butter concentrates with what’s said to be rich and creamy butter notes. The company’s wide selection of natural butter pastes, powders and liquids are available in varying concentration levels. All concentrates are available in clean label, rBST-free, and organic versions made with non-GMO, project-verified dairy.



Vanilla extract alternatives offer solution to supply issues

Prova’s vanilla extract alternatives are said to taste like real vanilla. The company’s extract alternatives offer exceptional taste profiles, cost savings and can eliminate supply issues. The ingredient can also be labeled as vanilla WONFs or natural flavor. 



Non-caloric and high-purity stevia sweetener

SweeGen Inc. completed commercialization of its Bestevia Reb-M, a non-caloric and high-purity stevia sweetener. The ingredient is said to have a clean, sweet taste, which is comparable to regular table sugar. The sweetener solution is the first of its type to be made commercially available via bioconversion, according to the company. As companies are faced with a tax on high-sugar products, Bestevia Reb-M (which is produced through enzymatic conversion) can be an ideal solution.  



Cold brew coffee concentrate for less acidic taste

Virginia Dare’s cold brew coffee concentrate delivers a less acidic and smoother flavor. The company’s proprietary blend of premium coffee beans and proprietary process result in a cold brew coffee concentrate with a consistent flavor profile and the scalability for high-volume distribution.  The water-soluble concentrate is a perfect flavor for a cold brew coffee beverage, finished beverage or dairy application. The company’s complementary flavors, like vanilla and caramel, blend with its concentrate to give a variety of options.



Natural guava flavor system

Guava flavor was developed by Aromatech France. This exotic flavor, which is said to have fruity, fresh and green notes, is ideal for juice beverages, ice cream and yogurt. The ingredient is free of all allergens, additives and alcohol. It’s also halal-suitable.

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Unique natural flavor options

Tastepoint by IFF’s cheese ice cream with pickled beet variegate features the company’s natural Cheddar cheese, pickled spice and beet flavors. All three natural flavors can be used for added taste dimension across a wide array of applications. The company said the pickled beet variegate combines the pickling trend with the popularity of beets. The company also harnessed the potential of yogurt whey in a new format — delivering 2% yogurt whey content in the variegate.