Twin screw pump holds up under extreme conditions 

Fristam’s new FDS Series twin screw pump can transport a wide range of food and beverages gently and reliably, including yogurt and ice cream inclusions such as fruits, nuts and chocolate. It is designed for lasting performance with solid shafts and large, stable bearings that hold up under extreme conditions. It’s designed with a front-loading seal and easy casing, cover and screw removal. This is said to make the system easy to maintain and with no need to be pulled offline for service. The FDS handles both production and CIP procedures and can be sterilized.



Universal twin screw pump designed for enhanced productivity

For processes requiring enhanced pump reliability and efficiency, the new universal twin screw series pump from SPX Flow’s Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand is ideal for many applications. The pump provides hygienic performance, gentle product handling, easy maintenance and reduced noise. It is able to pump bi-directionally without modifications. The versatility of the universal twin screw pump increases process efficiency and maximizes productivity.



Dosing valve with separate SIP steam valve

Rieger Flow Products’ dosing valve has been designed based on the company’s BioCheck Combi valve with a separate steam-in-place valve. Using an additional second valve, which is directly attached to the main valve body without any dead spaces as well, additives, such as food colorings can be dosed to the product in the main tubing. The compact design of the valve enables clean draining and allows it to carry an EHEDG-certificate. Also, a fully automized sampling is possible through the pneumatic actuators with brackets for proximity switches.



Submersible pumps designed for hot liquids

BJM Pumps’ Fahrenheit submersible pumps are long-lasting pumps designed specifically for hot liquids, up to 200  F. It offers standard or high-head, side-discharge sump pumps. Available configurations include shredder pumps, slurry pumps with agitator, dewatering pumps and vortex solids handling pumps. Most series are available in either cast iron or 316 SS.



Electromotive process control valves produce low energy costs

With the Type 3360/3361 electromotive seat valves Burkert offers a complete process control valve that’s reliable and cost-effective. Potential uses for the new valves include applications with stringent requirements for control accuracy and process stability, as well as applications in which operation without a compressed air system is ideal. Users benefit from low energy costs and savings throughout the entire system, according to the company.



Pump receives aseptic certification

The MasoSine Certa pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is now EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Aseptic-certified. Certa is one of only two pumps on the market to have achieved this certification, according to the company. For manufacturers, the benefits of the aseptic certification include the pump is self-draining, has a reduced CIP cycle time and requires lower volumes of cleaning agents. The company also completed its Certa range with four new models covering the top flow rates of up to 99,000 liters per hour and as low as 100 liters per hour.



Flow-diversion valve is ideal for HTST systems

Each Alfa Laval flow-diversion valve is designed for installation after the HTST system pasteurizer holding tube, to safely and hygienically divert the flow of fluid milk products forward. It’s available in a standard and reverse-acting configuration. The reverse-acting version is equipped with a one-piece valve stem, guided at the top and bottom of the valve – resulting in a stem that glides open and shuts smoothly, eliminating hydraulic shock. The other components are interchangeable with the Alfa Laval Unique single-seat valve series – from actuator down to the valve body. 



Sanitary stainless steel Y-ball check valve

Sanitary Solutions offers a T316L sanitary stainless steel Y-ball check valve with Teflon ball. This type of valve is used for product flow applications that require the prevention of reverse flow. The Y-ball check valve fits ideally with the company’s sanitary stainless steel air blow check valve. The Y-ball check valve is polished to meet a 3-A sanitary finish.



Reconditioning services for sanitary rotary valves

Rotary valves can be reconditioned back to original factory specifications to maintain the performance of a manufacturer’s process and help prevent costly repairs, replacement or metal contamination. Powder Process-Solutions specializes in repair of stainless steel and demountable valves, including Nu-Con, DMN and others. After re-assembly, run testing and final inspection, a service report is provided, explaining the parts and labor required to get the valve back to as-new condition. Detailed documentation is recorded for every valve.